Custom Widget: Spotify Player


thanks to these nice widgets

which I combined - or took as template - I came up with this widget for spotify.

I tried to be as close as possible to the Windows App in the layout of the controls.

Some changes had to be done (or I didnt know how to do them)* though

  • volume control is below player control
    • as I didn’t want to make to controls too small
    • or too wide
  • The current Spotify Binding unfortunately does not provide a Mute property.
    • So I added a volume control next to the volume slider
    • if someone knows how to
      • save the last volume on press of the mute button,
      • restore on next press
        please let me know
  • I used official spotify icons whereever I could find them but some icons I could not find in the spotify developer pages
    • mute
    • queue
    • available devices

features to come (if I find a nice way how to put it in)

  • support for playlists
  • support for favorites
  • mute control (see above)
  • hoverover for the controls - to make them green :slight_smile:


How to install

  • enable the Spotify Binding
  • make sure it works
  • enable to following items in the Spotify Player Bridge
    • Volume
    • Active Device Shuffle
    • Media Control
    • Repeat Mode
    • Media Title
    • Track Progress (ms)
    • Track Duration (ms)
    • Album Image
    • Media Artist
  • add the widget to your library
  • add the icons to the html directory of your openHAB installation - in subfolder spotify.
    • Linux
      • /etc/openhab2/html/spotify
    • Windows
      • C:\openHAB2\conf/html/spotify
    • others see here

I hope you like this widget.