Custom Widget: Weather Chart (Meteogram)

This widget will display the weather forecast as a chart (meteogram) from the great website with extensive configuration options.

You have to request an API token at and paste it in the widget’s settings for it to work! Thanks to @kjunker for the updated widget :+1:

The available options are taken from the document attached here:

Some of them don’t seem to work (fonts and colors mostly), and there seem to be a lot more. I can’t provide support for those options, only copied them from the document. One way of customizing the meteogram further is to install the Android app - there are hundreds of settings to play with in it. There is a function to save the settings in a JSON file which you’ll have to host somewhere (on a publicly available server, for instance attaching them to your posts here should work!) and fill in the “Settings URL” option of this widget.

There are a number of examples with the JSON files attached in the Settings showcase Trello board at:
You can try them out, just copy the JSON file URL and paste it as the “Settings URL”.

Unfortunately you have to specify a fixed size in pixels for the meteogram for now, since the widget dimensions can’t be retrieved (yet).


meteogram.widget.json (13.7 KB)


looks nice! can it display wether-forecast as well?

What do you think the displayed values for the next two days are?

I can’t get this working. I imported the widget and placed it on my Dashboard. Then klicked “Edit…” and set up: Latitude, Longitude, Place Name, Country code, Hours to display, Width (px) and Height (px).

But it dont show the Image an my Dashboard. What am I mssing?

Ok, I got it… Edited the URL in the Widget from…{{meteogram_options | json}}

to…{{meteogram_options | json}}

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Looks like they changed the URL indeed. Hope it won’t happen every week. Thanks for investigating!
I updated the attachment in the original post (you can update easily using the context menu in the custom widget list, or the gallery).

Hi there

I’m the creator of (and the related Android app). If you need any help setting things up, just let me know. And if you’re planning on generating charts with a heavy expected usage, please also let me know :smile:


I have a Tablet mounted to the wall and after installing this widget last night, I found out that it will not automatically update.
Since the Tablet is on 24/7, the Page will never refresh and get a new meteogram.

Apart from this bug it is a very handy widget :slight_smile:

Can you integrate an automatic refresh?

I’ve been using the cloud3squared URL with great success. Suddenly today I’m getting “Invalid App Signature Detected”. Is there a preferred URL? I tried changing the URL in the template to to no success.

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I contacted Mike Brewer via DM and he sent me a personal token that allows this widget to work again. Thanks Mike!! Email Mike at to ask for a token. Happy to upload my updated template if desired.

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That would be great!

Here you go. To be clear, this is Yannick’s widget but I fixed one field reference, added the ability to choose US (imperial) units for wind and temp, as well as the ability to enter a token per Mike Brewer’s request.

meteogram.widget.json (14.0 KB)

Thanks! Will try to implement it later today.

Update: works like a charm! :slight_smile:

Many thanks @kjunker for the updated widget! I have updated the OP with your version.

Nice of you to chime in here Mike - I missed your earlier post somehow, sorry… This widget has to be manually imported into wall-mounted home automation panel setups, it’s only refreshed when the user is switching dashboards currently, so the usage should remain quite low :slight_smile:

That’s fine. I decided to introduce a token system just to retain some sort of control over direct usage, i.e. outside of the originally-intended Android app or web app. If anyone here wants a token, just get in touch via the email address given above.

I have the exact same problem. Has anyone found away around this?

i have a naive question. could it be relevant also to the basic ui ?

i have tried this definition in the site map but the rendering is not good

Frame label=Meteogram {
	Webview height=10   url=",34.8713,12/48" label="Meteogram"

@ysc just an update for you and others on this thread…

Since I introduced the token system, it has been a largely manual process to generate tokens and add them to the live server. This takes time for me and is also frustrating for the requester because they don’t get an instant response, especially these days where instant responses are expected.

So I’ve now implemented an automated system for requesting tokens, which enables a token to be issued and become active immediately. At the same time, it is now subscription based, which is mainly to act as a natural limit on usage.

As I understand it, usage via the hab panel widget tends to be quite low, and there is at present a free quota of 500 API calls per month, which I think should be plenty enough to ensure that users on this thread still won’t actually be paying anything to access the meteogram for their widgets.

An API token can be obtained from here. The existing tokens already issued will be phased out. The above page allows you to set the options interactively and see in real time how the changes will affect the meteogram.

@ysc also, my post from 8 April has now been hidden (flagged as spam)… please can you check why and unhide it if you think it appropriate… same reason as why I can’t include a link in my post of a few moments ago, but I don’t consider it to be “spam” since it is relevant to the post content.

@drmrbrewer fair enough, good to know and nice of you to give notice! :slight_smile:

I’m not a moderator here so I can’t help you on posts not getting through - pinging @moderators.

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