CW/WW LED Strip and Controller

I’m looking to do a vanity mirror project that I wish to light using an adjustable cool white / warm white LED strip.

That’s the strip I’m looking at. But I’m having trouble finding a controller that is both openhab compatible and clearly will work for temperature selection also. Yes I could just go phillips hue strip and not use the RGB selector, but looking for something more affordable.

What kind of connection are you looking for?

A cable link back to a GPIO pin on your openHAB2 machine?

A LAN connection?

Or a power only and wireless connection?

And what is your idea of “affordable” :smile:

Ideally power only and wireless connection, be it back to a z-wave controller, wifi (mqtt, hue, etc).

af·ford·a·ble /əˈfôrdəb(ə)l/
inexpensive; costing less than a Phillips Hue Lightstrip

Arrrr right…

That’s me out of the equation then :frowning:

My best suggestion would be to split the tape in half, or however you want, to make use of this 4 channel controller.

I’m strictly a cabled guy, so I’m out of ideas now :frowning_face:

But can a RGBW Controller controll a CW/WW strip?

I suppose I could do something with a wired controller going to some type of esp8266 board, and then throw some MQTT at it.

I use one of these WiFi LED controllers flashed with Sonoff-Tasmota firmware to control multiple, independent, single color temp LED strips. There’s no reason you couldn’t use just the CW and WW channels for your application.

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Sure you can :slight_smile:

RGBW is only 4 channels of PWM LED control. :wink:

Magic Home Led controller for 10 Euro on Amazon work great with Openhab led binding. You can block internet access for the stripe in your firewall and control them directly in your Intranet. Openhab can control color, program, speed and switch on and off. No flashing required - the app is only used to connect the controller to your wlan.


Is this the unit you mean?

Can you share how you’ve got openHAB controlling it?


you could buy a Philips Hue Gateway (maybe as a set with lamps, if you want, then it‘s more affordable) and add a cheap Zigbee controller.
Something like this one
If you don‘t mind to order from China, they sell them for about 20 bucks. Look for GLEDOPTO at aliexpress (Look what I found on AliExpress I have such in use, they are great.
Before i ordered them, i used MiLight controller, which look similar but use a unidirectional protocol, which I didn‘t liked anymore, so I replaced them. But they worked too.

Best regards

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I have quite a similar issue here as well. I have a large light from the German store Bauhaus. It’s a huge (1m in diameter) light, but inside it is made out of a bunch of CW/WW LED strips. It’s nice a nice light since it can deliver around 8000 lumens. It has an IR remote to control the dimming and color temperature. I tried using the LIRC binding and a Sonoff basic switch with tasmota FW with IR transmitter connected to it. And the damned thing just doesn’t want to play nice with either of those. It uses a standard NEC protocol apparently, but anytime I try to control it with there things it just responds for the first key press or two then freezes (it then takes a few presses from the original remote before it finally starts working again).

So I just decided to replace the controller with something else. I ordered this thing just a few minutes ago:

I have a Philips hue bridge on the way to control one other light anyway and I will just try to make it work with this as well. It’s not the cheapest option, but I hope that it will work. My only concern is that this thing can’t handle the power. After all it is a 100W LED light.

Milight make these and my binding should work with them and it uses mqtt and a esp8266 bridge.
Search forum for espmilighthub binding.

Hi Sven,

Can you recommend a lightstrip for outdoor (garden) purpose fitting to this controller?
I need approx. 15 meters.

Thanks :blush:

Just to follow up. I went with the CW/WW LED strip above, and an H801 flashed with Tasmota. I have the H801 setup, controlling the LED’s and connecting to my MQTT broker. I have on/off working. Now need to figure out how to adjust color temperature via MQTT. Look for another thread for that.