Daikin BRP069C4x (FTXM35R Perferra) binding not working?

Hi all,
Just got my Daikin Perferra FTXM35R installed yesterday.
I can connect the binding/thing and it says connected (if I enter the FQDN or enable HTTPS it says offline or conn-error).
But it says at power that it is off, while it is on. Temp and humid is undeff.
Is the net BRP069C4x wifi supported?
If not, how can I add support or when will support be added?

Hi, I have the same issue. My other AC, a Daikin Stylish with a BRP069B4x is working and discovered fine.
If any testing or network sniffing is required, I’m happy to help.

Did some further investigation, it appears the C4x wifi unit is cloud only, so it doesn’t have a local API. Even though it has a webserver. If found some topics about it:

And somebody already wrote some proxy for it:

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I created a github issue about this: [daikin] Support Daikin BRP069C4x (cloud only) wifi modules · Issue #11032 · openhab/openhab-addons (github.com)


in the mean time I will upgrade my openhab to version 3 :wink: It is still 2.5.6, and probably the issue will not be solved on this version. :wink: