Daikin controller support

Very new here and wondering about support for Daikin controllers, etc. Hopefully I’m asking this the right way. Can openHAB support something like the Daikin DCM601A71?

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Hello and welcome to the community.:grinning:

I’ve never used a Daikin controller but looking at the documentation found here it mentions “Daikin air conditioning units with a BRP072A42 installed. This may work with the older KRP series of wired adapters, but has not been tested with them.”

I’m not sure how your model compares to the one listed in the 1.x binding mentioned above but there is also an OpenDaikin binding (2.x version) you can also try. To install this, via PaperUI, you will need to also install the market place bindings found in Addons > Misc > Eclipse IoT Market. After installing that you will find the OpenDaikin listed in Addon bindings.

Another way to install the newest binding is to download the jar file https://openhab.jfrog.io/openhab/libs-pullrequest-local/org/openhab/binding/org.openhab.binding.opendaikin/2.5.0-SNAPSHOT/ and add it to usr/share/openhab2/addons then restart OH.

Hope this helps, and once again, welcome to OH.

EDIT: Found a topic that may be of interest.

Thanks so much! We are looking at openHAB to possibly control multiple A/C/Heat units in a medium size building. I’ll look at that link you sent.

I also asked a similar question: Daikin binding is missing?
It’s most likely that all Daikin A/Cs are compatible by protocol, and you’ll most likely be able to use this binding. You, however, should install it manually or via Eclipse Marketplace.
Marketplace doesn’t work for me due to dreaded TrustAnchor error in Java. Nice that there’s manual install method described here, i’ll try it,

Installed and tested it on my split; seems to work like a charm.

awesome, thank you!

Hi All

Has anyone used the binding with the Daikin BRC24Z4A multizone controller? I want to put in AC and am deciding what unit to put in, i definitely want full OH control