Dashboard unavailable after switching from Raspberry Pi 3B+ to Raspberry Pi 4B

I’m trying to switch my OH instance from my Pi 3B+ to a Pi 4B.
Because of some trouble with a device I’m running OH 4.0.0M3 on the RP3B+.

I read the best way would be a clean install and importing the configuration.

So I did the following:

  1. Clone of sd card just to be sure I won’t break anything
  2. Backup of razberry controller with Z-Way (installed on a separate sd card)
  3. Backup of openhab config with openhabian-config
  4. Used baleneEtcher to create a sd card with the latest openhabian image
  5. Installation of OH4.0.0M4
  6. Restoring backup of razberry controller
  7. Restoring backup of openhab config.

First I would like to mention, that I was not prompted to add a user after installing OH, but that was the case when I installed the fresh instance on the Pi3B+. Is that the new behavior or did something go wrong?

After restoring the razberry backup dashboard was still accessible.
After restoring the openhab config backup dashboard is not accessible anymore.

Can anybody point to the mistake I made?

Best regards

If you restored your config, the user information is a part of that restored config. If it asked you to create a user it’s be an indication that the restore did not work.

Not without a good deal more details and some logs from openHAB (openhab.log). Particularly the logs around the time of the restoring the backup.

In general, restoring the backup from an older version of OH over a newer version of OH is problematic. So either restore your RPi 3 backup, upgrade to 4.0 M4 there and then create your backup from that to restore, or install OH 4.0 M3 on the RPi 4 first, restore the backup, and then upgrade to 4.0 M4.

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Thank you for this super fast reply!

I apologize for my misleading wording. After installing OH3 on RP3B+ I was asked to add/create a user but not when I installed OH4 today. Should I create the same user on OH4 which I created on OH3 back then?

I’ll give this a try and report back later, if necessary then also with log outputs

Best regards

When you restore the backup it will restore the user from the backup so it doesn’t really matter.

@rlkoshak Thank you very much! Updating to 4.0 M4 did the trick. :+1:t3:

I finally understand what you mean. The openhab user will be restored but when I initially installed OH3 I was prompted to add a system user for openhabian witch was not restored of course.
Is there any specific reason why it is not necessary anymore to create a system user after installation?

Best regards

I don’t use openHABian much but it’s under constant development.

I guess there is no harm in creating the user again.
Thanks again for the help! :hugs:

sure that it is not there ? Did you do an unattended installation - then the user would be taken from the openhabian.conf file.

The image I downloaded was openhabian-pi-raspios64-202306251519-gitb1e94d8-crc92121974.img.xz.
I flashed it on the sd-card and booted the RP4 with it. After some time and reboots it stopped at openhabian login:
That is not unattended, right?
Best regards