Openhab cloud connetcor URL always resets to earlier value

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPi 4B
    • OS: openhabian
    • Java Runtime Environment: 17
    • openHAB version: 4.0.0M4
  • Issue of the topic:

Thanks to the community my openhab cloud instance is up and running. After I switched from RPi3B+ to RPi4B which also worked thanks to the help of the great people here, the instance did not connect I had an error in the log files. Uninstalling cloud connector, clear cache and reinstall helped but I noticed some strange behavior. (Maybe the behavior has occurred before but I don’t know for sure)
After I have set the current openhab cloud domain within the connector the instance is shown as online and everything works fine but after a while the url gets set to oh.[mydomain] within the connector, which is the url I used at first but I changed it, and than my openhab instance in unreachable.

I already change the url several times but it always resets to the first url I inserted.
Are there some states which have to be cleared?
Because there is also one bulb which always turns on when I restart my openhab instance so there are maybe some states saved somehow? This is just a wild guess and hopefully someone will enlighten me soon.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Put the cloud connector into debug mode. Perhaps there is something logged when the value changes.

It’s extremely unlikely, but this sort of thing can also be a symptom of an SD card that is wearing out. Changes to files appear to be made but once the cache maintained by the file system flushes the changes are lost because the data silently failed to be written to the SD card after all. Again, this is extremely unlikely but worth mentioning.

Thanks for the reply!

This probably sound like a stupid question but how do I set could connector into debug mode?
With the new RPi I also used a new sd card and I remember that I change the url at least once before so I think the old system already had this issue which would rule out the failing sd card.

Unfortunately, I can’t say for sure if it also happens while the system is running, but it can definitely be reproduced by rebooting. Then the light bulb always turns on as well, but that is a small problem compared to the accessibility from outside.

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See Logging | openHAB.

The logger is

openHABian with zram?

Isn’t zram the default on a openhabian installation? If not, the answer is no. :confused:
If I haven’t used it already, I will now :sweat_smile:

Yes, it is the default in openHABian. But when zram is enabled it means all your changes get saved to RAM. If zram doesn’t shut down nicely and have a chance to flush the changes out to the SD card (e.g. loss of power) all changes made since the last boot will be lost.

How are you rebooting?

It has happened that I have accidentally disconnected the power supply, but this is not the rule. In general, I log in via SSH and shut down the system

During the above mentioned process of making openhab cloud work I changed baseURL in /etc/openhab/services/openhabcloud.cfg and this seems to stick. I commented it out again and it seems to work as expected now.

Nevertheless thanks for the help!