Default Karaf password in openHAB 3 Docker installation on Synology

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I’m trying to debug some issues in my new Docker installation of openHAB 3.2 on a Synology NAS. I followed Synology DiskStation | openHAB to get it up and running. I can connect to the Karaf console via the Synology Webfrontend as described in the article.

But using the Synology WFE is not very handy to really work with it since it does e.g. not allow copy&pasting, scrolling etc.

So I tried to find a way to connect via ssh. I connected via ssh to my NAS and opened up a shell into my openHAB Docker container using

docker exec -ti <id> /bin/bash

When I then launch /openhab/runtime/bin/client as described in How to start karaf on synology docker I’m asked for a password.

But what is the default password? It’s not the password I used for creating the openhab user in the Synology system. Nor is it the password I’ve set on first run of the openHAB system. I tried re-setting the user’s password and restarting the container, I tried supplying the openhab user with option -u to the docker exec, I tried setting sshRole = openhab in but nothing worked.

Can anybody help me out?

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did you try the password: habopen ?

No, I haven’t tried before. But it works! Thank you very much for the hint!

Actually, this is kind of a surprise since I changed the openhab user’s password using the Synology user manager to another password later. Do you have an explanation for this?

The Karaf console and openhab admin user accounts are not the same, if that is what you meant. Which one did you change before?

You have different level of users in the application:

  • OS level maintained users
  • karaf console maintained users
  • web UI maintained users

I only changed to Synology user’s password. Am I getting it right that there is a default password for Karaf which is “habopen” (which I did not explicitly set during installation)?

yes that is correct.
The user for Karaf is openhab/habopen (user/password) and you would need to explicitly change it.

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Ah ok :slight_smile: It seems to be rather complicated to change the default password: Change karaf password

Is it safe to leave it at default or does this open attack vectors when openHAB connects to things like the Cloud Connector?