Demonstration video of my openHAB system

I’ve posted a quick video showing the features that I’m currently using with my openHAB system.

It includes MQTT communication (with arduinos controlling PWM Leds, Fan, Bulb Lights), Voice Commands, Google Assistant Integration (With IFTT) and finally Kodi and Chromecast integration.

I’ve used my own case as a subject of my Electronic Engineering final dissertation. Unfortunately it’s only in portuguese for now, but I’ll improve and translate it soon.


My Academic Thesis (Version for printing. That’s why so many pages left blank):


Parabéns Luciano, existe muito pouco material em português, espero que essa tese te tenha dado uma boa nota final! :slight_smile:

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Nice implementation of Google Assistant!
Can you explain how you did this? I don’t have any voice commands configured, but that doesn’t look so difficult. How did you connect to IFTTT?

Obrigado, Jaime! :+1:

Na verdade fui bem sim. Foi nota 10.

Hi, @wars!

I did that with
All you have to do is make sure that the VoiceCommand item is available to your openHAB Cloud connection (in this case it should be with, then you will need to connect your IFTT account with your and Google account. After that you can create an IFTT Applet for every time a specific command is given to your Google Assistant, it should update the VoiceCommand Item of your openHAB.

Besides that, you should have rules for doing stuff based on the VoiceCommand updates as described in this page:

I’ll try to make tutorial explaining better these steps.

@lucianopeixoto what did you use to reverse the direction of the ceiling fan?


Thanks for the explination.
The thing is that I don’t use myopenhab, I want to run everything on prem.

Hi, Ian! My fan already had that feature, on the original wall panel there was a switch to change from clockwise to counter-clockwise. I’ve just used a relay where the switch was.

The fan itself has 3 wires, one is the neutral an one of the other two should be connected to the phase. Each one of these makes it spin one way or another.


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Today someone told me that the Google Home integration is already working!
But you will still need to be connected to

@lucianopeixoto It is working, and very well! I made a quick demo video using the new action…

@wars, what is your objection to using myopenhab? It’s well supported, secure, and reliable. By “on prem” do you mean on the local network only? I thought Google Assistant needed a connection to the internet to work (I know Google Home does), which means you’re relying on the cloud, anyway…

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Nice, @bartus! Nice system you have. I’ve been trying this integration today, and everything is working great. Now the IFTTT working around is no longer necessary at all, I had already started making the tutorial I’ve mentioned earlier but stopped as soon as I saw that new topic! :smile:
I have my scenes as numbers, but after your video I’ll create some switches like I believe you did. I’ve liked the idea of saying “Turn sleep mode on”.


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Thank you @lucianopeixoto! I also made a quick how-to post/video recently, where I show the integration setup (which you seem to already have working, anyway :slight_smile: :

As for the scenes, you’re absolutely right! I have switch items, one for each scene, and a rule assigned to each switch, e.g.:

rule "Lighting Scene Sleep"
	Item Scene_Sleep received command ON
	sendCommand(EveningLights, OFF)
	sendCommand(FF_Kitchen_Recessed, 0)
	sendCommand(Light_FF_Kitchen_Sink, 0)
	sendCommand(Light_FF_Kitchen_Island_L, 0)	
	sendCommand(Light_FF_Kitchen_Island_C, 25)
    sendCommand(Light_FF_Kitchen_Island_R, 0)
	sendCommand(Light_FF_Living_Sconces, 0)

    postUpdate(Scene_Sleep, OFF)

which fires only when the switch is toggled ON, handles the turning of individual lights off/dim, and then toggles the scene switch back OFF.

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