Google Home - Actions (API) now available!


Great news!
Any chance of getting it integrated to OH2 in the nearest future?

I was just about to buy Amazon Echo, and now I think maybe Google home is the way to go?

Direct Actions is intended for home automation and isn’t release yet. The following is from

Direct Actions let you build experiences where the Google Assistant handles the entire user interaction and you handle the fulfillment. Direct Actions are great for home automation, media, communications use cases, and more.

@Kai could you sign up for the direct actions? I would like to help build this integration.

Done. But note that most of the questions I had to fill in were meant for hardware companies that produce smart home devices; so that’s probably the main interest for Google, to have such people on board in early-access. Let’s see what they thing about open source software hubs…

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Good news. Which one has the better microphones and which one is more responsive in an OH environment. We will see. :heart_eyes:

This is the next big thing for me (my love to home automation). Voice recognition everywhere and every time in my flat or house. Pressing buttons is so 1900’ish.

@Kai, did they ever get back to you? Or is the expected wait longer than 10 days?

No, didn’t get any response yet.

@Kai I also applied back then for early access…
Going to check this out. I was a little quite about this, since I had alot of other work to be done.

I started a little with API.AI etc for an action. Didnt find time yet to continue…but I will soon develop it further…

BR Mehmet

Hi all, there are some news about this ?
I kindly ask what’s the better way to integrate Google Home with OpenHab 2

From Google I/O today there looks to be the API we need available now!

Whats cool about this is you dont need to say “Ask to turn on the light” etc…
You can just say “Make it warmer” , “What lights are on” , “Is the garage door open?”
A nodejs example is provided.

Here is an explanation from the man himself…

Any developers ( im not a dev ) keen to take this on?


That’s exactly what we need!

I’d like to help, unfortunately I have lots of other work coming up during the next month…

I guess someone is already on it?

Another video from today showing how to integrate - and have it included as a platform available for all users.

See :

@Kai - Towards the end of the vid they show their process for adding a platform. I see Homeseer is available which would suggest a system such as Openhab would be eligible…

Thats super awesome! If anyone wants to help out or give this a start, our Alexa app ( is a good place for reference on how to connect to either openHAB cloud or directly to a OH instance. Our official openHAB cloud service ( has oauth support for these types of services (Alexa, IFTTT, etc…) , I would be happy to help assist getting that working for an official google home service!


As far as I can see, Google Assistant / Home does not have offline support yet, so one would need to go through the cloud (which is a pity in my eyes).

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It is a pity, but is there any roadmap for something like that to work offline? Does not sound likely to me, but maybe I have missed something, it happens :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

I started once with the Google Home APi but the direct actions was missing, so I stopped. I would go continue develop the Cloud way (Direct Actions shown at googleIO)
Just for your info…if I have something to share I will ping you guys.
Just wanna avoid to continue if anyone else already finished it :slight_smile:


Very exciting this is the only argument that is missing for me to jump on the home bandwagon

I haven’t enough skill to develop the integration but I’m available for testing

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That’s great to hear! Are you planning to make this a part of myopenhab like the alexa home skill?

I would be happy to help in the coming weeks as soon as I find the time!

Also, I would be interested to know if I am right assuming that there is currently no offline support whatsoever?