[proposal] comparison of voice assistants

I am using a Amazon Echo Dot at the moment, but I am thinking about buying a Google Home Mini.

So I am wondering what dis/advatages each voice assistant has and how can or should be integrated in openHAB.
Maybe the community could create a table to compare the different an dsimilar features for each system.

Like this (example!):

Amazon Alexa (skill) Amazon Alexa (Hue) Google (API) Google (Hue) Apple Siri
via openHAB skill Hue emulation this (beta?) Hue emulation ??
languages en, de, … all ?? all ??
Switch supported supported supported supported ??
Rollershutter supported ?not supported? supported ?not supported? ??
set Termostat supported (only english) ?not supported? ?not supported? ?not supported? ??

Do you think some table like this would make sense?
Where and how should this be done?

Of course. Just start!

I’d also like you to list Mycroft as an alternative because it’s probably the only solution to guarantee those greedy tech companies won’t get their sticky fingers on all of that sensitive data of ours.

Create it, post it in the tutorials category here and tell @ThomDietrich and I’m sure he’ll find a permanent location.

I am not afraid of the work to do this.
But I think there are people that know more about these systems and so are more qualified to create such a list. :blush:

You can start the thread and turn your OP into a wiki (or if you can’t ask Thom to do it) and then anyone can edit and update your table. It should be listed under the … menu.

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@christoph_wempe a wiki would be a great idea but you can’t do that yourself. let me know if you want me to do that for you!