Detect all Item-Changes within a Group

Hello Community,

is it possible to get and trigger a Rule by any Item-Changes within an item-group?
So e.g. I have a Group with the name TestGroup and two items with the names test1 and test2.

Now I want to write a rule, that triggers if any of the both items (test1 or test2) of the Group TestGroup changes their Values.
Note: I dont want to write a Rule, that triggers manually in case of any single item, because i don’t have only 2 items in my Group. It was just an example.

So is their a chance, to programm such a Rule, that detects automatically an item-change within a group?
And if yes, is it also possible, to address the specific item?

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Could you please show me the exact location for the answer of my question?

Something like:

    Item vGarageOpener1 changed or
    Item vGarageOpener2 changed or
    Item vFrontDoor changed or
    Item vBackDoor changed or
    Item vGarageDoor changed

is not an answer, I’m looking for.

I’m happy to click the forum search button for you:

Feature: “Member of” Rule Triggers

New rule trigger options have been added that allow rules to operate on items that are members of groups. Group member based events use one or more of the following trigger formats.