Development of openHAB 3.0.0 and 2.5.x

So if I read this correct, 2.5.0 Stable will be released as 2.5.1 distro and incorporate the Add ons fix as well as other fixes identified when 2.5.0 was prematurely released with major bugs?

Are the Installation documents being updated as part of this?

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Not quite. There was a serious bug identified with 2.5.1 release core. This has been fixed and a new release, 2.5.1 will occur on the release repo. After that the core of OH will remain at version 2.5.1. However, developers can continue to make updates to bindings and other add-ons. These updates will be released as 2.5.2+ versions of the bindings. These updates to bindings will run on the 2.5.1 core.

There is nothing you need to do differently to install openHAB so I’m not sure what updates you want to be made to the installation docs.

What we don’t know yet (see my post above) is how we will install the 2.5.2+ versions of the add-ons. At such time as we know that, we (probably I) will update the docs if appropriate.


I forgot to answer this. There will be an addons Kar file distributed via the way openHAB is always distributed. Users will be able to upgrade the addons part. I don’t know the specifics. Previous updates were for the whole system, while this only updates one part, the addons. This is new and the reason the update of the distribution is needed.

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That is currently used if you install the addons package. They are correcting an issue in the 2.5.0 package that only affected fresh installations.

So this whole addons.config issue is or is not being addressed in 2.5.1? Be great if there was a bug list of what’s fixed above 2.5.0

The issue being foxed is when you perform a new install of openhab2 and openhab2-addons the initial dashboard either does not show or only shows for about a minute before it is uninstalled. They added the initial dashboard to the addons kar file, I believe.

Great, so it’s effectively fixed in 2.5.1

That is what I pushed for.

I have a question. If updated addons become a kar in the addons folder how does that interact with any existing manually installed jar files there?

Hello everyone! Is this right place to post suggestions for OH 3 ?

  1. Introduce channel dependencies in binding XML. I mean when a channel is visible or not according to a setting on another channel. I know it can be configured in sitemap, but would be nice to have it in binding’s XML as a template. Or use disabled state instead of invisible. I think it would make controls more consistent. For instance, some devices have master on/off switch, and in OFF state other controls are ineffective, so it’s quite logical to have them in disabled state.
  2. Add some parameters (properties) for manual discovery. This would be very handy in some cases, where you need to use something like one-time password in order to perform initial connection to a device.
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This would be the correct place, I believe.

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My 2 cents regarding the new UI: I don’t think that typescript would put off contributions or that it has a learning curve (unless you start abusing it). But it does make refactoring easier and moving forward way faster and saves you a lot in the long run.


Wil it still be possible to configure openhab completely from text files?


im just getting started with openHab for my Connected-Bus-Project… but I see the Serial binding which I very much need is a 1.x.x… does that mean I need to give up on OH already and go find a different setup? that there will be no more Serial Support in OH3 when it releases??

I believe may bindings use serial. zwave is one I know will make it to OH3 eventually. Perhaps you can learn what they are using.

No. I suspect that there will be a 2.x/3.x version of the serial binding created. Much of the hard work is already done (that serial service that Bruce mentions which is shared by several bindings). All that needs to be done is create a binding that exposes the serial binding so users can more easily create and configure Things (a la MQTT 2 binding).

Should my expectations not pan out and a serial binding does not get developed before 3.0 comes out, there is almost certainly going to be a way to easily run a stripped down version of OH 1 and use a federation capability to connect that to an OH 3 instance. Obviously this would be a stop gap plan b type of approach but it would get you by if the binding doesn’t get released before OH 3.

You can also stick to OH 2.5 (or any earlier version of OH).

You can also look into possibly providing some help to create a 2.x version for the serial binding. This is not the only v1 binding that is kind of important. TCP and HTTP also do not have v2 bindings yet (HTTP one is definitely in work).


Wish this was in the release notes, took me hours to find out what was going on when I upgraded to 2.5 (qnap club distro)

It only affects new installations (not upgrades) and only with the addons package installed. That package is not normally needed if the system has Internet access to download only the needed addons.

I done an upgrade on my qnap and it broke openhab, not found error for paperui. Done a fresh install still the same, then checked the console and features were not installed.
Added paperui and configured addons.cfg and all working