IDE setup

I tried to setup a fresh 2.5.x install based on the lastest repo. I selected OH Dev and Addons in the istaller, the setup tasks are performed without errors, but the result shows no OH Addons projects.
Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 10.46.17

even after switching to branch 2.5.x the addon tree was not initialized

Is there anything changed in the setup process? Any action required in addition?

I tried this on. 2 machines with same result.

I just did a fresh install from the Stable repo a few minutes ago. if are using a snapshot then open a GitHub issue.


@Bruce_Osborne , Markus is talking about the IDE setup, not openHAB setup.

OK. I misunderstood since it is in the Announcements area

Correct, topic is " Development of openHAB 3.0.0 and 2.5.x" + we need to move the PR to the 2.5.x branch, which seems to be broken, so I can’t start on that.

Did someone did an IDE setup during the last days?

I think this is one of the threads I saw.

I also did a fresh install with the same problem today. The following steps solved that problem on my machine:

  1. Checkout openhab-addons branch “2.5.x”
  2. mvn clean install
  3. Perform setup Tasks again in Eclipse

Yes, I could confirm. If you manually checkout the addons you are able to run the build.

How did you do this?

In general I would say it’s not the most optimal solution to select openhab-addons during eclipse installation. Just clone your fork of the openhab-addons repository in the git directory created by the Eclipse installation. Then checkout the 2.5.x branch and import only the bindings you actual want to develop on. You can simply import a single binding in Eclipse as a maven project. If you only want to test a binding you don’t need to import it, but you can simply add the binding as described in the openHAB documentation page on Eclipse. It’s also not needed to build the whole openHAB-addons repo with maven. You can simply build only the project you are working on to get the binding jar. This is also described in the openHAB documentation.

That’s correct. Nevertheless the installation routine should support this as it was with previous IDE setups. Otherwise that installation option doesn’t make sure. I’m pretty sure that is a roadblock new developers will hit and drives them nuts.

Help > Perform Setup Tasks…