Device with button and vibration or LED

Is there a device (with bluetooth or working with z-wave), which can indicate a status-change and send a command back to openHAB?

My problem:
My blinds are moving up and down automatically, but when i‘m in the garden, i don‘t want that my blinds go down. So the solution would be a small portable device (with batteries),
which receives a message maybe 2min before the blinds will move down. Then i can press the button to prevent the automatically move down of the blinds.

Maybe there‘s a device which is able to handle that and works with opeHAB?

Just a random thought

Do to carry your phone with outside?

Could you setup a notification ?

Haha :grin: yes that would work, but the problem is also my guests and friends should have the possibility to stop the automation. I don‘t wanna give my phone, so there should really exists one or multiple devices they can take out in the garden.

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This is a pretty niche requirement. I suspect you will need to go down the DIY route to achieve it.

Sounds like what you’re after is something like those funky pagers that restaurants give customers to let them know when the table is ready, but also with a single button to respond with ?

Or a short range pager with an acknowledgement button?

Quick Google search

Just don’t stand in your kitchen with a white jacket on ?

Or could you leverage the BBC Micro-bit ?

I’ve seen about 40 of these used by audience members to interact with the presenter.

(It didn’t work quite as well as they wanted, but I suspect that was user error)

Yeah exactly something like that.

I don‘t wanna DIY, because it would end with a Raspberry Pi Zero, battery, button and case… That would end too big.

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You could do something a lot smaller diy using an esp8266 and it’s deep sleep capabilities combined with a small button and a small buzzer. Like this:
or this

And throw in something like this

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I read about micro:bit and it‘s really interesting. But is it possible to send a command from openHAB to the micro:bit? It‘s running Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and a have no experience with bluetooth. Don‘t know if a BLE-Device can receive commands!?

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything more than what I’ve suggested so far.

I’d be very interested to see what you do next…

Good luck