Difficulties with Voice Control via Hue Emulation and Amazon Echo integration

In general I like that way of controlling scenes and devices via Hue Emulation + Amazon echo … because of the fast response.
But from time to time I experience annoying difficulties.
The trouble always start with the Alexa answering something like:
“The device is not responding… check network etc.”

I have that problem at present and I’m not able to solve:

  1. delete all devices with the alexa web UI https://alexa.amazon.de -> option “remove all”
  2. rediscover the devices -> works fine
    (tried multiple times in the web UI of Alexa and in the App)
  3. Alexa is discovering all devices… listed as Type: other (sonstiges)
  4. …but I’m not able to control them
    the App opens only a property page of the device - no control
    the Voice command to Alexa is answered with:“The device is not responding.”

Does anybody has the same problems?
I’m using the Amazon Echo binding and I’m thinking about evaluate the Item: LastVoiceCommand ?
Does anybody do this?
Is there another way of using voice commands together with an Amazon echo device?

Same as in this thread

I did it a few times: deleting -> discovering again. There was never a problem in the discovery process.
But if I try to control the devices - it’s not working.
On a voice command - Alexa tells that the device is not available.
In the Alexa App there is no possibility - only a property page.

What do i miss??? It seems to work for all others?

Example of the device list:

if I click on Lights:

Hey @BigMountainSki,

as @lopez1de already said, let´s discuss in the other thread


Thank you @cortez1985 @lopez1de -> I will join that thread