Dim lights to 40 but only if already above 40 (SOLVED)

Hi everyone I’m running a couple of hue lights (Working).

I have set a rule with PAPERUI to dim a LIGHT to 40% at 8PM but only if the lights brightness is already set above 40%.

The rule fires correctly at 8PM and sets the correct light brightness to 40%…
but doesn’t seem to care about what brightness the light was already set too

As I don’t want a light too suddenly get set too 40% at 8PM if my lights are already dimmed past 40%

What have I done wrong?

MABY I HAVE USED THE WRONG OPERATOR (I’m not sure what some of these do and couldent find any documentation on here too help

Will show example now

Do you need a ‘%’ after the ‘>40’ in the but only if statement?

I’m not sure when you send a command to the light to change brightness with just numbers no % the bulb changes brightness so assumed it wasent needed

Will try and update with another log or success

[EDIT] Same results (I added a % after the >40%)

Does anybody know what’s wrong here