Disable Hue Motion Sensor


Is there a way to disable a Hue Motion Sensor? Beacause i have a Vacuum Robot and the Robot Switch on the Motion Sensor so i wanne to disable the senor during the robot is cleaning.

Hi there,

Thx i will try this out :slight_smile:


i tried your rule and it set the config to “false”…thats fine :wink:

“config”: {
“alert”: “none”,
“battery”: 100,
“delay”: 0,
“ledindication”: false,
“on”: false,
“pending”: [],
“reachable”: true,
“sensitivity”: 2,
“sensitivitymax”: 2,
“usertest”: false

…but the Sensor still dectect presence.
I´ve a Hue Motion Sensor (indoor) paired to deCONZ.

Any ideas on that?
best regards