Display "Fixed time off day ruleset" in the habpanel

Hi All

I’ve created some rules for turning on lights at a fixed time off day.
But how do I display the time in HABPanel, so that I can change them from the HABPanel?


I’ve just set this up and it’s working really well.

With a modified version of the widget

These are the same Items, but displayed within an interactive SVG image

I’m also working on how to modify the widget so it can be used with Velbus input modules alarm times.

Cool, How do you build this? How do you display the time?
When I try to set it up, I can’t chose the times from the rules as an openhab item.
I will need to make an item for every timeset in my itemsfile, or can you make it all from the UI?
Do you have a widget I can download?


If you’re asking me…

Just follow the link to the Thread in my post.

Everything you need is in there, with the exception of the SVG file, that you’ll need to create yourself, specifically for your own setup.

You might find that you can just use the Widget that is available on that thread, with a few tweaks to suit your existing Items. :crossed_fingers:

(I’m happy for you to have a copy of that one shown above, you’ll just need to edit it)