Display Meteo info


  • Platform information:
    version: 3.1.1
    buildString: Release Build
    locale: fr-FR
    configFolder: /etc/openhab
    userdataFolder: /var/lib/openhab
    logFolder: /var/log/openhab
    javaVersion: 11.0.12
    javaVendor: Azul Systems, Inc.
    javaVendorVersion: Zulu11.50+19-CA
    osName: Linux
    osVersion: 5.10.63-v7l+
    osArchitecture: arm
    availableProcessors: 4
    freeMemory: 17599816
    totalMemory: 102723584
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    • icalendar
    • meteoalerte
    • mqtt
    • remoteopenhab

I am new to openHAB (thus 3.1). I have installed Meteo Alerte Bindings, but now how do I get the information (colored icones) displayed in Sitemap and OpenHAB ?

I have the channels as described in the documentation:

Hope you can help, thanks in advance.

Quite easy using the UI, add the thing setting up with your department number.
Then go to the created thing in the ‘Channels’ tab, clic on ‘Add Equipment to Model’, select all channels.
The work is done for you - just head to ‘Model’ section, sélect your the ‘Alertes Département’ group, open it and enjoy.

Maybe easy, but not documented as the mentioned “tutorial” is outdated and incomplete.
I created the items from the channels (iirc), but then there is nothing that tells what to do next.
Thanks to your answer, now I have added the “Equipment to Model” with all channels.
I see it in the Model section.
But now, how do display it in Sitemap and OpenHAB?
The best I have in sitemap is to display de value 0-3, in OpenHAB I get a very small icon unreadable.
How do I get the icone in Sitemap. How do I display bigger icone, and arrange a nice display with OpenHAB.
Would you mind to share your display and eventually explain how you made it?

No, the “tutorial” is not outdated, this is general OH usage. Please, explore how-to to help you ramp-up in OH way of doing the things.

The mentioned “tutorial” is the one I linked in the first post. I thing it is outdated because now you can do all that using the gui, it’s just confusing (as a new comer).
I have been reading a lot, therefore, I have seen a lot of documentation written for OH2, and OH1, and even some dead links.
I search also in this forum (how do you thing I get there https://community.openhab.org/t/new-binding-proposal-meteoalarm-severe-weather-alerts-feed/127991 ) ?
I appreciate your input about the Model way. But sending me again to the how-to without giving any pertinent keyword is not of any help.

It is obvious that once you have created the channels and items you want to display them, so why not adding the links to the next steps (for sitemap and openHAB) at the end of the documentation?

This is not a tutorial, it is the binding documentation, detailing informations specifics to this particular binging. All binding docs are done this way. Displaying things and items is general to Openhab and you’ll find it in OH documentation or in how-tos in the community forum.