Distributing bindings through the IoT Marketplace

I doubt it - no idea why it has disappeared, the logo is definitely not the reason for it.

Even if the IoT marketplace is a great enhancement that allows providing bindings to the final user faster than ever, I see the following potential disadvantages:

  • bindings in the marketplace could be not open source,
  • developers could just add their bindings to the marketplace without trying to contribute their work to the project,
  • confusion for the final user when he will discover two bindings for the same thing, one packaged with OH and one in the marketplace (LIFX, Chromecast, …).

How can we limit these rissks ?

My suggestion is that any binding that is part of the official distro should only be available on the marketplace as “alpha” (which by default will be filtered out by the marketplace integration in openHAB).

For the other two points: I think both should be regarded as additional possibilities that actually broaden the openHAB ecosystem and not put a threat on it. Not having to be open source might actually allow add-ons, which so far were not possible because of license restrictions. And some bindings might be so special that nobody is really interested in collaboration.

My hope is that if there are add-ons that are interesting for many in the community and where there are multiple volunteers that want to jointly work on the code together, these will actually be created as a PR so that they become part of the official distro.

Imho the best mitigation about the potential risks of this new “alternative” is to become again better on the speed of PR reviews & merges. As explained in another topic, I hope that the static analysis tool will soon help on that part.

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Just tested the IoT marketplace (with OH2 snapshot 849) and tried to install my WeatherUnderground binding. No problem, it works very well.
Great enhancement.

PS: Paper UI takes ages to refresh the list of bindings. Any solution to speed up the loading of this page ? Of course, it is not linked to the marketplace, it was already very slow without the marketplace.

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@craigh Might I also ask you for the Omnilink entry to apply the guidelines mentioned here?

@Kai just tried to log on to make the edits, but it appears the marketplace site is having authentication issues, for me anyways. I will try again in a bit.

Eclipse had some authentication issues yesterday, which should be worked around today.

I’m intending to publish the Tankerkoenig Binding on the Marketplace.
I was checking the .jar is published on Jenkins, which it isn’t. We do have an open issue concerning missing sign-offs, is that the reason the .jar isn’t on Jenkins, or am I heading in false direction. (Beginners Problem)

If I am reading the pull request right, your binding is not integrated into the bindings/pom.xml

Please add a reference to addons/binding/pom.xml (alphabetically sorted), then the build process will build your binding and push it to the repository as well.

I added this comment to my review on your pull request.

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Thanks for the help. I’ll build in your comment in the binding. Please see remarks on github.

@Kai I am currently working on the volumio2 binding for openhab. I am developing it outside of the openhab2-addons project and do releases with travis-ci. Now I would like to push the addon to the marketplace.

I am bit lost what to do next, but if get you right, I should create a PR against openhab2-addons and let jenkins build all the artifacts? Or is their a way for me to create the artifacts without changing my development workflow?

You have two options:

  1. Create a PR and then the binding will be built and published to https://openhab.jfrog.io/openhab/libs-pullrequest-local/
  2. Upload your binding to any other place on the web and enter this url in your Eclipse IoT marketplace listing.

If I choose variant 2… do I need to create p2 repository or simple put the jar at a location?

Simply any location is fine. I had my binding jar file on dropbox for quite a long time before I started the PR and had Jenkins upload it to jfrog.

Thanks @kai and @hakan now I can publish my binding on the weekend :slight_smile:

I have seen on the Iot Marketplace in the ESH section that there are also rule templates available (e.g. Energy Meter). I did not see a way to install these since they do not show up (and probably should not) under the bindings section in Paper UI. Any hint how these can be installed ?

Well spotted. This isn’t yet available in openHAB, but I am working on it - if you are interested of what is behind that, check out my sneak preview presentation of that feature and let me know what you think about it :slight_smile:


Hello Kai,

I just watched the video - this is really going into a great direction. I already tested the new rule engine and have some of my rules migrated to that instead of having classic rule files. Its clear that at the moment its not providing all functionalities to migrate all the rules one might have but with the rule templates coming up and them being available on the Marketplace I think that will quickly change.
Thanks for your work end effort you are putting into this.

Btw: Is the longterm goal also to move the existing bindings out of the normal installation and make them installable via the marketplace? This will solve the issue to always do an apt-get update to get newest versions of bindings that become available. Same applies to transformations/UIs etc. Basically everything that is available today in the addons section of the paper UI.

Take care


Let’s see what happens :slight_smile:

Is there a way to make OH2 remember which marketplace plugins were installed when upgrading? For “normal” bindings I use the textual config, but this does not apply to marketplace-distributed plugins/addons/bindings.

Any idea? :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, what about updating to the latest version of the binding (once the marketplace contains a new version).

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