Distributing bindings through the IoT Marketplace


I uploaded both the NEEO binding and transport to the marketplace. The binding shows up correctly with the plugin but transport doesn’t show up anywhere. I chose a package type of ‘misc’ in hopes it would show up under the misc category - but obviously that ‘guess’ was incorrect. Is transports supported right now?


You are right - currently, the marketplace integration only supports bindings and nothing else.
“Transport” bundles probably will never be allowed as a listing on their own right, because they do not have any end user relevance. Once Karaf features/archives are supported, you could define the transport bundle as a dependency to install together with the binding.

For now, my only suggestion would be to repackage the binding to also include the transport code within the same OSGi bundle; this will certainly make it harder to maintain/build, but it is the only solution that I see. But we can also try to review it with some priority, but I cannot promise anything (as I am currently enjoying some vacation ;-)).

Is there a way to make OH2 remember which marketplace plugins were installed when upgrading?

Not yet, but I plan to adapt the implementation that way (it is more compilcated to do, so I had started with the easy version :-)).

We do not even have this yet available for “normal” add-ons. But yes, this should be added for normal add-ons as well as for Marketplace add-ons. If anybody wants to help on analyzing how updating might work, feel free to help on this issue.

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Hi all,

currently out of 28 add-ons that are available on the IoT marketplace, only 24 are available within the catalogue used by openHAB. My binding is among the 4 which are not available within the catalogue. Any idea what could be wrong here?

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I’m facing the same issue as @pfink with the modbus binding and modbus transport.

Any insight to the issue would be much appreciated!

Simple answer: You declared the binding as alpha level:

By default, only beta or higher is displayed in openHAB. But you can change this in Paper UI through Configuration->System->Marketplace->Maturity Level:

Thanks! I did notice that however… The binding is not visible to me even with alpha level filtering in openhab.

If the openhab uses the “catalogue” linked above, I can’t see how client side filtering would make the binding appear since the xml is missing the binding completely…

Should I try to declare the binding as beta in the marketplace?

Ok, if it isn’t contained in the XML response, this indeed won’t help.
My next guess is this is because you have specified license “Other” - afaik, the Eclipse Marketplace only publicly lists entries that are under an open source license, so you should select EPL here.

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That helped, thanks!

I can now see the binding in the xml after changing the license to EPL. Should help @pfink as well since his binding had Other as license.

Just to clarify, is only EPL shown in the openhab? I cannot use EPL for the whole modbus transport project as it contains code from both Apache 2.0 project (forked jamod modbus library) as well as the “API glue” which is EPL.

Any open source license should do, so no problem at all with Apache 2.0, not even GPL is an issue for listings.

Ah, very good! I switched to “Other Open Source” because my project contains mixed OSS-licensed software meanwhile (as some parts were FOSSed by Shortcut Labs). But: I thought one of the reasons for the marketplace was to make it easier for projects that can maybe not be FOSSed so easily?!

Yes, but the detailed answer is here: https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/marketplace-client-content-inclusion-policy

Solutions listed in the MPC Wizard will only be those that are 1) licensed under an open source license or 2) associated with an Eclipse Foundation member company

Yeah, but we don’t want to display it within MPC Wizard, do we? We want to display it within openHAB. So they do not provide any alternative webservice url that contains everything (or at least “Free” solutions)?

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Sorry to open this up again but I think I’m still missing something. I changed the license finally to “Other Open Source” and “EPL” with modbus-transport and modbus-binding, respectively.

However, I cannot see anything related to modbus in the XML “catalogue”. What could be the issue?

Any help with this one? Is this marketplace open source, can I file a bug or…?

There it’s a support email address somewhere on the marketplace pages. When I reported something they were responding fast & adequately

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How do you auto-reload market add-ons? everytime up apt update the zwave market add-on is removed and I have to manually re-add it

market:binding-3338717 - 1.0

Any news to support karaf features?

So much for the marketplace… It seems there is a cap of maximum 25 results by the api call (See this bug report https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=520985) And since there are more then 25 bindings the Market place is doesn’t show any newly added bindings…Which explains why I didn’t see my entries show up… (I had e-mailed to the marketplace but got no response yet)

If this is beyond the openHAB community to change and won’t change in the near future my advise is to shut down the marketplace integration because it only leads to frustrated developers who go through all the hoops to add their bindings only to find out they don’t show up in openHAB.

Thanks for this link, I was looking for it. I’ll follow up on that with the Eclipse guys, we should find some solution for it.