DIY Radar or Ultra Sonic Motion Sensor based on ESP32

Dear community.
Does anybody has DIY motion sensor based on radar and ESP32?
I want to get rid of PIR sensor on Zigbee connected to Conbee II.
The communication is at least at my house week and only randomly good. Also the reaction time is poor.

My idea to build a DIY radar / ultra sonic? system which runs on ESP Board.
24 Ghz radar frequence should be perfect

My questions?
Is anybody enthuasitic enough to build up such system, you have a working system already and you share your experience?
Layout for PCB build to share and potentially common purchasing?
Implementation in OH in common approach?

Such device would be interessting

I hope that you have same interest.

I have an ESP32 (nodemcu) running ESPHome connected to an ultrasonic sensor linked to openHAB using the native HA protocol as discussed here

The Everything Presence One might just show up in you inbox with this binding installed :slight_smile: (not tested, but it appears to run ESPHome firmware)

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I have a couple ESP8266 with BME280 temperature/humidity/air pressure sensors attached to them running ESPHome connected to openHAB using MQTT. They are actually Wemos D1 minis. Recently there was a thread about an ESPHome binding for openHAB. I also have a ESP8266 with a TSL2591 light sensor attached to it running firmware written in Arduino.
I have a few PIR motion sensors laying around that came in a starter kit but have never tried to use them because I’ve heard that the interference from the micro-controller itself can mess with them. I also had a HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor that never worked, I think I threw it out.
I love these little micro-controllers and have several non-home automation project using them.

Yes, I have the LD2410C hooked to a esp8266.

Hello Pedro.
May I ask how you did it?
Do you have a PCB layout?
Would you be so kind to share?
How you connect to OH, MQTT or similar?

Regards Gerd

Certainly! Not much to it I’m afraid.
Controller: esp8266
Sensor: LD2410C ( link ) you can buy them in AliExpress.
Compatible Firmwares:
tasmota (you have to uncomment the option use_ld2410 and compile it yourself I’m afraid. Not too hard though. This is what I use.) link

Esphome (never used it but others have.) link

Related to the sensor itself it outputs the detected or not (means that it detects someone), distance to the sensor of a stationery person or movin person. There’s a bunch of other info there too, but I haven’t taken a look at it too closely yet.

Hope this helps!

Edit: figured I could give a better insight if I added pictures. Doh!

Above you can see the log window of tasmota running on an esp32. The area I marked is the distance. The other values are other distances, to the stationary person for example. I’m not sure yet how I’ll deal with it but alas, it’s there. The switch (in the beginning of each line, not marked, being on means that someone was detected.

Now, related to how you see it in tasmota itself:

The big “ON” means someone is being detected. If no one is detected then it switches to off.

That’s it. The wiring connections are easy enough to copy from online examples. (Please don’t be angry with me @hmerk for sharing HA examples. Couldn’t find one here :frowning: I’ll make one eventually!)

Ah, about MQTT, tasmota and esphome have mqtt so you just need to forward the payloads to your mqtt server, whatever flavor it may be :slight_smile: I’ll be using mqtt.

Edit2: I think I got everything this time…