DIY Thermostat ESP8266 - MQTT Setup

Hi to all.
I’ve made an ESP8266 based thermostat with mqtt capability but I don’t know how to interface with openHab2.
My thing need to publish 5 items and receive 3 commands, in detail:
[CMD] RH: exhaust fan, in the form of ON or OFF
[CMD/OUT] SP: setpoint, value from 0 to 255 (integer, transformed to float xx.x by openHab)
[CMD/OUT] ST: state, value from 0 to 5
[OUT] TE: temperature, float value xx.x
[OUT] UM: humidity, float value xx.x
[OUT] RT: thermostat, in the form of ON or OFF

For now in the ESP firmware there is the creation of 5 output topics (es. Matrimoniale/O_RH/) and 3 input topics (es. Matrimoniale/I_SP/) each with the pubblication of the relative parameter.
How can I do for insert my thermostat in openHab2?

I’m very new to OH2, I’ve just installe it yesterday…

Hi Diego, welcome to openHAB.
From the top of my head, you need to:

  1. install MQTT binding
  2. setup MQTT broker
  3. setup a thing for your device
  4. setup the items of your device
    This blog post is a good explanation of how MQTT now works in openHAB.

Step 1 should be no problem for you (using HABmin or PaperUI).
Step 2 can also be done from one of the UIs, there is an explanation in the blog post linked above.
Step 3 and step 4 may be done by .thing and .item files. The syntax is also explained in the blog. This discussion also gives some example.

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As Martin has stated, you will need to set up mqtt in OpenHAB. Here are a whole bunch of threads Rich linked to in another thread to help someone else also needing to set up mqtt. The second one from the bottom is a thread I started to learn from scratch

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I think to switch from separate commands/values to a json string… seems to be a bit easy and need only 1 command topic and 1 publish topic.

I’m gonna go to study it now…

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