DMX-Binding to connect Kirron IDycoLED Control (via Artnet)

Hello to all,

I’am using OH2.with the DMX Binding 1.9.0

I try to connect my Kirron IDycoLED Control via Artnet. At the controller I have connected 50 single adressable RBG LED and 50 single adressable white LED (the Brightness can be controlled via RBG as well)

I setup in the Kirron IDycoLED Control the artnet like

Now I try to understand how to configure OH2 the right way.

My dmx.cfg File looks like:

# The combined connection String, e.g. 'localhost:9010' (optional, defaults to
# 'localhost:9010' or 'localhost:9020' depending on the choosen connection type)

My items-File

Dimmer light_bed_room "Light Bedroom" {dmx="CHANNEL[20:1000], ON[FADE 	60000:255,255,255:-1]"}

My sitemap

Switch item=light_bed_room

The switch is shown and toggles on/off, but nothing happens in the karaf logger and nothing happens to my LED.

If look to forum there are also .thing Files (I never had to use them before) with a bridge.

I have no clue, but I think I’am doing something completely wrong.

Is there anybody out there who can help me with the first steps?

Where do I have to configure what to get 1 Artnet Universe with 100 Artnet Pixel with 1 LED each?

The documentation seems not to fit to the oh2 1.9.0 DMX-Binding or I’am not capable to find the entry.

You could try the new DMX binding: