DMX install and example items

Does anyone have DMX working on OH2? There are many different versions of the documentation out there.

I have enabled legacy bindings and installed DMX via Paper.

I have edited the dmx.cfg to be:


I also tried without the dmx: in front…

Sample item:

Dimmer DadsDimmer “Light Bedroom” { channel="dmx:dimmer:single:brightness" }

But ive also tried:

Dimmer DadsDimmer "Light Bedroom" {dmx="CHANNEL[1]"}

What am I missing?

As the dmx binding is a OH1-Binding, the items look like

Dimmer DadsDimmer "Light Bedroom" {dmx="CHANNEL[1]"}

According to openHAB documentation, you will have to install one dmx core binding and exactly one interface binding, Artnet or OLA (where OLA would require another software in addition, installed on the same machine as openHAB2)

If you installed dmx core binding through Paper UI, the dmx.cfg should have been auto generated, and therefor you should have had an example for correct configuration (without dmx: in front of connection=ip.of.artnet.node)

As I don’t use dmx myself, I can’t help any further :frowning:

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You should first decide whether you want to use the OH1 DMX binding or the new ESH binding. The first one is configured with text files only, the second one can be used with both, text files and Paper UI. The first one links DMX channels to items, the second one uses the new ESH/OH2 thing concept. Even if there is no official release of the new binding (waiting for review) I personally would go with that one (ref. OH2/ESH DMX binding).

I’ll try to help you after you made that decision.



Ok, well I’m happy to scrap everything and go with the new one. I’m starting with OH2 anyway, never ran OH1.

Btw, is it getting a rename to Eclipse Smart Home?

Did you get it installed? There is a link to the most recent documentation in the thread.

ESH is part of OH2. Or OH2 is distribution which is based on ESH. So no, not a rename.

Not sure what to install or where from sorry… which documentation?

Ok. So

  1. Download this file and put it in the addons directory of your OH2 installation (on Linux/Debian systems this is /usr/share/openhab2/addons, something similar on Windows).
  2. Read the documentation which can be found here.

What type of DMX adapter do you use? From your configuration above I would guess OLA or ArtNet. Do you want to use PaperUI or textual configuration?

At the moment its an ENTTEC one which is artnet over ethernet. I’ll probably replace it with the same unit but din mounted. PaperUI would be better, but everything else on my system is defined by items and the sitemap.

I’m using a docker for openhab2, it mounts to /mnt/user/appdata/openhab with the userdata and conf folders directly in there. Is that the best location for the addons folder? It wasn’t there before.

This is the things item i have created:

Bridge dmx:artnet-bridge:mybridge [ address="", universe=0] {
 dimmer single [dmxid="0", fade=1000, turnonvalue="230" ]

The documentation is quite hard to follow, and there seems to be multiple versions just to confuse the issue. Thanks for your help.

This is the item with tags for alexa:

Dimmer hallway "Hall Light" ["Lighting"] { channel="dmx:dimmer:single:brightness" }

Looks like I have to fix my docker as the logs are complaining about C:\OpenHAB2\addons not existing even though its a linux docker… im using openhab/openhab:2.0.0-amd64 build btw

Ok, moved to a windows box and I can see the binding now. There is an Artnet bridge in the Things section of Paper.

The dmx.things looks like this:

Bridge dmx:artnet-bridge:mybridge [ address="", universe=0] {
 dimmer hallway [dmxid="0", fade=1000, turnonvalue="30" ]

The item file has this line:

Dimmer HallwayLight "Hallway Light" ["Lighting"] { channel="dmx:dimmer:hallway:brightness" }

The entry in the sitemap looks like this:

Slider item=HallwayLight label="Hallway Light" icon="light"

Doesn’t seem to connect or do anything.

I am testing with node-red’s artnet node fine.

I have openhab2 add-ons folder fixed and can see your binding now in paper, any idea why it’s not working? Conf posted earlier.

Very busy at the moment, sorry. Try channel 1 instead of 0 in your OH2 configuration. DMX channel numbers start with 1, not 0 (for historical reasons some manufacturers use 0-511 instead of 1-512, so you might need to set your equipment to channel-1).