Door Sensor 433MHz with open/close/battery status


Looking for Door Sensor 433MHz with open/close/battery status an long battery life. I need it only for door.
I am plannig to get it signals with Arduino + RX6B (rf receiver).
Can you advise me anythning?

Thanks in advance for any advice! )))

There ane not many RF door sensors that report open AND close
And I don’t know of any that report the battery as well
I have a few, the one only one still available it the KERUI. It has been on one of my doors more more than 1 year now and I haven’t changed the battery yet.

The RX6B is fine but get or make a good antenna
It says on that picture (Not required, but it really helped!!)

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Thanks i know, made an antenna and it works perfekt!
You mean this one?

So it reports battery status or not?

Let me check…

No, it doesn’t, no door/window sensor that I know off report all 3.

Look at it. Seems to be what i need

just got this one in the mail… i dont think this one will report status…
still waiting for the RF breige , but from what i have seen there is no RF sensor that will report…

only zigbee zwave will have that effect

i did reply to thisisIO
not sure why it replied on vince post…

It’s still quite cheap. Get one and test it.
Let us know how you get on

Will try.
But if someone find anything else, please, let me know)))

A lot of these sensor say they then an open/close signal BUT they will send the SAME signal when opened or closed so you are warned

Oh, thanks a lot. Will check it,!

Kerui reports wow battery as i see in official Store

Have you not the same?

Yes, I have the same, maybe I just haven’t captured a battery event from it…yet

But as i unerstood you are pleased with it?
How do you receive signal from it, with witsch device?

With an RXB6 receiver

i saw this project already, but i could not understand with protocol it uses or it has binding for OH?

The arduino outputs almost human readable value though the serial port.:
The is a binding for openHAB but I use it on a remote raspberry pi with node-red and then forward the value to openHAB with MQTT.

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Fortunately, i have Arduino Mega, Raspi, RX6B. So i need to get only RFLink Gateway board)))

But Till now i can not understand why, because i already receive 433 with Arduino and RX6B send the witn Serial to Raspi)))

Can you please explain in two words what it gives you?

It’s easy

No you don’t, you can just follow this: