Draft update IFTTT docs

I noticed that the IFTTT page was a mere copy of some promotional page that was used in the past.

Below you can find a first updated draft.

Some remarks:

  • Removed information on DO button, as this was integrated into the core IFTTT app
  • Changed channels to services and recipes to applets (new names from IFTTT)
  • Updated links
  • Removed outdated images containing old openHAB logo

Would like to add some images (one logo at the start) and some examples at the end, but not a clue how to do this.

Would appreciate input on this initial change.

IFTTT Integration for openHAB

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a very popular web-based service that allows users to create “applets”, which can combine different web services into powerful automation rules. With its hundreds of services, there are limitless new creative options: Be notified through text-to-speech if you are receive a DM on twitter, be warned through your lights if your favorite stock price falls below a certain threshold or put your house in away-mode when you turn on the ignition of your car - you can get further inspiration by browsing through existing applets.

openHAB users can take advantage of IFTTT to realize even more use cases in their smart home!

Besides the new kinds of integration possibilities, IFTTT is also a good start for new openHAB users as it makes the creation of rules dead simple - no need to do any scripting, no complex setup routines, it all works through a few mouse clicks!

insert here openHAB service logo from IFTTT.com

Getting Started



1. Connect openHAB with IFTTT

IFTTT is available to all our users through the myopenHAB service. Activating the integration is easy. Just log in to your IFTTT account and activate the openHAB service. You will be forwarded to the myopenHAB.org website to authorize the IFTTT service connection. You can delete the IFTTT authorization token in the myopenHAB Applications section at any time.

2. Expose specific items to IFTTT

Before you start creating IFTTT applets you need to make sure that you configured your local openHAB runtime to expose certain items to myopenHAB.org. Only those items will be visible to IFTTT. Read here how to expose items to myopenHAB.org. You will also be able to send commands to those items from IFTTT Applets.

Important: Items will appear in myopenHAB and thus in IFTTT only after at least one state update has been received by myopenHAB.org from your local openHAB runtime.

This can be done by for instance creating a simple rule:

rule "Set initial values IFTTT items"
	System started
	createTimer(now.plusSeconds(160)) [|
		logInfo("RULE", "Set initial values IFTTT items")
		postUpdate(YourItem, 5)

Some Examples

insert images of openHAB applets.


You may add the possibility to directly trigger IFTTT through webhooks like described here.

The way openHAB -> myopenhab -> IFTTT takes up to one hour!
While openHAB -> IFTTT works just in time!

kind regards

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Thanks Michael, I’ll add that as an additional feature, describe it in short, and link the described post for further reading. Agree?

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@Maurits28 is this the issue you raised for this contribution?

In the comments in the issue, you mentioned the you had made a PR for this issue but I couldn’t find the PR. This looks like a good addition, lets see if we can get it merged.

Dear Andrew,

This is indeed the issue I raised. It references the following PR:

It is ready to be merged.

@hakan suggested some usefull changes.
I think we should include them. :slight_smile:

Yes, he did that an hour ago, after my post.

I’ll review and adapt.

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We can do the image stuff, when moving the article to openhab docs repo.

Done, I made the changes.

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Any news About IFTTT and openhab ? still block ? thanks