Easy IR Control

I would like to control a fan with IR commands.
Is there an easy way to read the IR command of the remote an send them through openhab to the fan? I am looking for a device with a existing binding.

The simple answer is there is no “easy” way that is plug and play.

I have done IR stuff with TASMOTA and Broadlink. Go the Broadlink

For ceiling fans I have https://sonoff.tech/uncategorized/ifan03/

I‘m not a pro but managed to realize this project and made a tutorial out of it afterwards.

It‘s for a TV, but approach should work identical.

+1 to Broadlink. I’m using the unofficial binding with an RM4 Mini, which is inexpensive and can be bought with a temperature/humity sensor in the USB cable. Here’s the last release.

It hasn’t been updated in a long time, but works just fine with OH 3.3.

Here are the instructions for learning the IR codes, which you can then store in a MAP file and use to trigger commands.

I did this to control some cheap IR-controlled LED lights, and it works flawlessly.

I have a Rowenta pedestal fan that I control using a Logitech Harmony Hub, but you can’t get those any more. I originally bought the RM4 Mini to experiment with in preparation for the day that Logitech shuts down the Harmony Hub servers.

JFYI: I took 4 of theses last week and allready reflashed them by USB-Serial (No time for tuyaConvert setup) :wink:

ESP32 inside? If yes, I can share your experience. Rock-solid solution.

No its just his little bro the ESP8266