Easy to use/configure IR blaster?

Hey guys,
i have a air conditioning which is remote controlled by ir. I want to put it to my openhab setup, making some rules regarding temperature and humidity etc…
I tried the Broadlink RM4 but its a pain to get it running (didnt get it running so far…)
So i was curious if someone out there can give an advice on another IR Blaster (anything but harmony hub, its way too expensive) with an easy to configure binding?

Thanks in advance

Not easy to configure, but if you don’t find an alternative, I’m successfully using an RM4c Mini in openHAB via MQTT. Again, not easy to configure, and I have a slightly different device to you, so who knows if it will work…


I use the Keene Electronics IR-Anywhere devices.

Each one can be set as either an IR receiver, or transmitter.

As well as linking
1 : 1
Many : 1

The IR receivers can send UDP packets to a second location, I use this see the handset IR packets in Node-RED.

But using the IR Transmitter / Blaster with openHAB2 is really easy.

Just use the UDP binding and send the Transmitter the IR packets I’ve collected from handsets.


I bought a cheap IR Bridge and flashed Tasmota to control my A/C.

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