Echo dot not showing items of sony bravia android tv

Hi, I have Sony Bravia tv (Model 2015) connected to openhab, I have configured Openhab cloud . I am able to see all my items in . I have amazon echo dot, when i enable openhab skills only phillipse hue light is discovered , items form my sony bravia tv is not discovered in Amazon Echot dot

Perform the steps mentioned in this thread, don’t forget to tag your items correctly and make sure you have labels defined for your items.

Hi I have done all the above things , but nothing is working for me.
My switch item is like : Switch sony_bravia_b05bd621_7e1a_4588_9f3a_4fb314269c25_power “Power” [“Switchable”]

I not understanding what went wrong???

Make sure your Alexa skill is authorized in (Account -> Applications)

skill is authorized in