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I have a question, I have an eco dot that is connected to the openhab and works properly (I control through the openhab on the eco dot, see what devices are connected, control the volume, etc.).

I want to create a scenario that when the door opens then Alexa will play an mp3 file to play.

Because Alexa doesn’t support my language (Hebrew) I have made many mp3 files in my voice and I want to add them to rule in openhab.

I tried to add the Eco Dot in Default Sink but it is not listed

I realized that the mp3 files I need to upload into the “Sound” folder on the server (that’s what I did).

How do I make Echo-Dot a “Speaker” when I run a scenario?



To the best of my knowledge not possible (I tried to play music stored on my NAS, unsuccessful ).

Using the sounds folder would work if the echo would be identified as an audio sink, which is not the case.

Yes, and no.

Here the yes:
you can do this with SSML and the amazonechocontrol binding:
you use TTS (text to Speak) of the echo item and post something like:
<speak><audio src="soundbank://soundlibrary/home/amzn_sfx_doorbell_chime_01"/> <amazon:emotion name="excited" intensity="high">Someone at the Door!!</emphasis></amazon:emotion></speak>

And here the no:
Currently, it seems, that the audio tag is not working, but patch is in progress. the latest thread here:

Until this is patched, I am doing it just without the audio-tag.
PS: the emotions tag is only available in EN.
PPS: more details are available here:

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hey @moshik_cohen, just FYI, the current snapshop binding available here works, the audio tag is now supported.

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