Eclipse IDE Alernative


Anyone has tried the best &successful ide to develop custom binding and able to step through debug? The recent update of way to use demo app on Eclipse IDE to bug binding is troublesome and diffucult to use. Cheers

You can either use VSCode or Intellij: See
But your comment about it being troublesome and difficult is a bit vague. What problems did you experience?


@hilbrand i guess many people who are not 100% familiar OSGi and bnd would have challenge to get the old plugin working in the new build framework. Not until your recent post :slight_smile:
Tutorial: Migrate your binding to the Maven + Bnd based build system

The IntelliJ guide is still not there - in the meanwhile I posted one here: HowTo: Setup IntelliJ for binding development
I was struggeling a lot to get the Eclipse environment working so in the end I decided to apply the VSCode way to IntelliJ (which I am used to).