Eclipse Smart Home Designer tutorial?

Can someone please point me to a tutorial or help file on Eclipse Smart Home Designer? Using version on Windows and trying to figure out basic things, like refreshing the lower left Items pane or the upper right configurations pane. is there a man file for it or some tutorial?

The ESHD is explained together with other editor solutions here:

Like openHAB VS Code extension :wink: ->

@steves check out the latest features here: openHAB VS Code Extension 0.3.0

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Thanks very much - yes I found the link to the ESHD documentation but there were only 4 sentences in the usage section and no link to anywhere else. I don’t run Visual Studio (yet) as I am not a developer - I was trying to stay with some lighter weight tools for editing. In any event, does anyone know how to refresh the configuration or items panes without restarting ESHD?

It’s common misconception - VSCode is not Visual Studio :slight_smile: It’s indeed a lightweight text editor (and not a full blown IDE). You can treat it like Notepad++, Atom or other simple editor.

The VSCode openHAB extension aims to become a ESHD replacement soon.
It’ll provide everything ESHD offers (syntax highlighting, autocompletions, sitemap preview, list of items) plus more features like PaperUI integration, code snippets, Things tree view etc.

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thanks - I will give it a try.

I LOL’d at this. For most purposes, particularly with the past few updates, VSCODE is by far the superior editor, and way lighter weight. It also runs on Linux.

I would certainly recommend it as of now even if it is not yet feature complete with ESHD.

But, to answer your specific questions:

I think if you click in the pane you want to refresh and hit F5 it should refresh. It is basically a customized Eclipse IDE so all of those key combos should work.

Thanks - I downloaded VSCODE and switched to that per the recommendation - so far so good.

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