Enable KNX binding to use KNX IP Secure

Hello all,

currently I’m looking for an IP Router which has KNX IP Secure implemented. But I don’t find one. The manufacturer I asked couldn’t say when it’s available. I believe all the others are still working on it.

Nevertheless when the hardware offers this new (since April 2016) specification, the software should also be able to use it.

Is it intended to enhance the KNX binding to communicate with an IP router via IP Secure? Then only authorized access to the KNX network could be realized.

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Hi Hans,
MDT ist now offering the IP Interface (SCN-IP000.03) /Router (SCN-IP100.03) with KNX Secure.
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Is this working with the current KNX Binding?
I also got the “new” MDT SCN IP000.03 interface now.

May be have a look at Connecting to a KNX IP Gateway with KNX Secure or PR on GitHub