EnOcean: what binding to use?

I’ve recently acquired an USB 300 EnOcean transmitter and want to try out EnOcean. I’ve seen there’s two flavours of EnOcean binding:

  • The one that is part of the OpenHab addons zip file: org.openhab.binding.enocean
  • Another one based on the Aleon library: org.openhab.binding.aleoncean

The latter one, however, is currenly not part of the openHAB 1.7 distribution.

So, which one to take? I’ve seen that, if I go to the GitHub repository of the EnOcean binding from Thomas Letsch (see this page) that this one is discontinued.

Not really clear to me how to continue.

I’ve been using this binding EnOcean Binding I don’t see the Aleoncean binding listed here. Are you using OpenHAB2?


No, I’m currently using openHAB 1.7.1 (and when building it myself, openHAB 1.8.0).
Does that mean it’s working without issues with the USB300 transmitter when switching to openHAB2? Both sending as well as receiving?
I can try this out too…
Would it be possible for you to post an items and sitemap example of EnOcean on openHAB2 you’re using?

PS: And you’re right, Aleoncean is not yet part of the list of bindings. I found it while searching the internet for a solution to my problem…