Eurotronic Spirit? Which Z-Wave thermostat works well?

Dear all,

which heating thermostat can you recommend?

I thought the Devolo would be a good choice, but it has no FLIRS and that seems to be prerequisite to quickly heat up a room (which I need to),

This one seems to provide FLIRS, but I found several older threads complaining about missing support (some from 2017, some from 2018). Is this resolved? Can you recommend that one?

CT100 used are very cheap but reliable

Is this a thermostat valve or a room thermostat? With Google, I find only the latter…

I have 3 different, one “original” Danfoss, two Devolos and two Spirits.
All are working fine for me, beside the fact that the inbuilt temp. sensors are too close to the heater.
So a difference of a few °C is normal.
You should possibly consider an external sensor.

A quick respond is not good for battery driven items.
You would have to set awake to a few minutes (batteries will discharge very fast) or you take the Spirit having Flirs.

I have one Spirit in my home office where I am just a few hours per week at random times.
So I like to use the Heating Modes of the Spirit via the OH Android app.
I set it to 24°C and econ. to 15°, a few seconds after switching to ON the valve opens fully.
A rule setting daily at 20:15 the econ mode stopps heating even someone forgot to switch back.
In my case I do not need a further heating schedule.

Great to hear. I just returned the Devolo to the shop, and my hope that the Spirit has no caveats like open issues with OH…
Thank you!

I’m just curious, what problems did you have with the Devolo?

The issue is described here:

Note, I need a valve that I can open and close spontaneously and not hours in advance.

I read your linked topic, I guess there is a problem in configuration and Paper UI, respectively.
Setting point #2 is set to the controller?
This should be an external sensor, if I’m right?
If you do not have it must be left blank,

I have set the Danfoss and Devolo to 20min and 30min wakeup intervall.
I think all below 15min would not make sense for battery devices,
So in my configuration worst delay is 19min or 29min.

Wow, you are absolutely right! That’s a mistake on my side. Not sure if that would have resolved the issue?

However, the valve is in my home office which I typically do not heat execpt I do home office for some hours. This is a spontaneous decision and I would need to switch on the heating immediately, not in 30mins. Thus, FLiRS is probably a must - right?

I think that could be the matter, node3 waits for temp from node1 to heat accordingly …
Anyways, if you need immediate heating there is atm no other way as the Spirit with Flirs.

Jepp. The Spirit is already shipped. I hope it causes less troubles.

As you operate the Spirit successfully: Would you mind to send me your item definition and maybe a screenshot of the configuration page? Thanks in advance!

No problem, following my .items file:

Number ThermostatSollBuero "HK Büro Solltemp [%.1f °C]" {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node9:thermostat_setpoint_heating"}
Number ThermostatSollAbsenkungBuero "HK Büro TempAbsenkung [%.1f °C]" {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node9:thermostat_setpoint_heating_econ"}
Number BatterieSpiritBuero "Batterie HK Büro [%.1f %%]" {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node9:battery-level"}
Number TemperaturIstBuero "HK Büro Isttemp [%.1f °C]" {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node9:sensor_temperature"}
Number HeizmodusBuero "HK Büro Modus" {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node9:thermostat_mode"}
Dimmer VentilstellungBuero "HK Büro Ventilstellung [%d %%]" {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node9:switch_dimmer"}

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And config from Paper UI:

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Great, thanks :smiley:

Any settings below the lifeline setting that I should know?

No, there are just polling period 1 day and command poll period 1500 which I did not change.
Good luck!


Hi @Tobi77,

I’ve replaces all my Eurotronic Comet-Z with the Spirits and I am very pleased how they perform. The Comet-Zs were eating batteries at an alarmin rate. To ensure thwy were reacting to changes, the wakeup period needed to be set at the lowest rate, not helping from a battery life pov.
The Eurotronic Spirits are way better than the Comets. Eurotronic really did a good job on overhauling their technology. Where the Comets needed their batteries replaced every 8 to 10 weeks (if I was lucky), the Spirits still operate with their first set of batteries now for roughly one year. No change in operations, they make several valve moves per day (opening windows, changing between heating and energy saving mode etc.) and show 20 to 25% battery capacity remaining.
My try with a POPP variant of Devolo’s LC13 was not successfull, it lost the communication with the controlller after a few minutes every time and proved to be unusable due to that issue. It didn’t matter whether it was close to the controller (even when < 1m distance, only air between the valve and the controller) or in a room behind a (thin) wall.

If you are interested in my settings (items definition, rules etc) you may find them here:


Sorry for dropping in at your answer to Tobias.
How many Spirits do you have running?
I found that more than 8 Flirs devices are not recommended?
Is something with “beaming” or so which led to excessive network load.
Did you experience this?

Btw, had a look on your configuration files, great stuff!

@chris4789, no need to be sorry :wink:
I run 4 of the Spirits. There are only 4 radiators in my flat, so I have no need for more than that. Never had issues with them, they all react immediately to commands.
And thanks for the praise, although it is just the result of a growing installation and still has room for improvement, like scenes i.e. It is a work in progress :wink:

Okay, thanks for the info.
Yes, my systems is also always a work in progress :smile:

Does someone use this (or another) thermostat with voice control (Homekit, Alexa, Google Assistant)?

Would be great to get a hint here: