Eurotronic Sprit Z-Wave Plus - Heater is warm even when the setpoint temp is below currently reported temperature

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware:Raspberry Pi
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0~20181029091021-1
  • Issue of the topic:
    Heater is warm even when the setpoint temp is way below currently reported temperature.
    Eg. current temperature in flat is 24 while setpoint is 21.

Based on the logs it seems that the dimmer/current temperature is not updated very frequently (every few hours). I need to catch wat is causing thermostat to heat up. I have set up influx/grafana for that purpose but I got this feeling that sometimes dimmer is not updated properly. I know every change should be reported but I didn’t saw that in log.

When I turn the thermostat to On/Off it’s updating it’s state and in the same time the reported temp is changing it value. I need a way to pull that data like every 15 min to be sure state of the dimmer.

Right now I used simple binding that might be one of the issues why I’m not seeing it but I doubt that as it’s second time I’m configuring it and first time I set up all bindings manually. The problem is most probably in a way how PI or PID is implemented in that thermostat and I’m not sure if offset is wrong or something else.

For sure all temperature sensors in those thermostats (I have 8) have been calibrated in some weird way.
I configured it based on my meteo station (it has 2 sensors - in/out with max 0.2 C diff reported between those two) - based on that some of the reported thermostat temperatures differ from 0.8 to 3.5C(!) vs meteo

I spend half of the day setting this up today. Measuring each one in idle state when heather should be cold.
This might be second issue as this offset difference might change depending on current temperature like smaller around 18C.

I’m not sure if any one else had similar issue.Any help appreciated.

Check your configuration parameter settings: Measured Temperature report and Valve opening percentage report

Thanks for tip. I started to get the dimmer readings but the heater is still living on it’s own. It shouldn’t heat while it does. What is more it tend to enable by itself even after OFF is sent.

I still don’t know if not working manual mode is a bug or is intended.

I see the same. The room is to hot and the valve still open. Very strange.