Examples of HABPanel Solutions

(erick) #251

Hi @Nduzi
I really like your kodi setup and am trying to do something similar. Can you share your code and how you did it?

(erick) #252

Hi do you know if there is a way to remove the big orange log viewer banner at the top?

(Hallo Ween) #254

I´m acctually creating my first habpanel.

I have still many questions.

Biggest question for the start is:
Can i make a habpanel, with many panels below and many panels below of them?
So only 1 panel is in the start page of habpanel and all others can only reached from the main panel or the subpanel?

Maybe like this:

  1. main
    1.1 sub 1
    1.2 sub 2
    1.3 sub 3
    1.1.1 sub 1 sub1
    1.1.2 sub1 sub 2
    1.2.1 sub 2 sub 1

Or do i have to make many panels and can only switch between them maybe like this


and no sub panels? So on habpanel startscreen i can see all panels?

(SiHui) #255

You can make as many dashboards you like and easily navigate through them via the button widget and the action type “navigate to another dashboard”.

(Hallo Ween) #256

But they will be all shown as separate panels in the panel-directory?

So there is no chance to make a panel and only this is shown, all the sub panels are hidden because they belong to the main panel?

(SiHui) #257

Just try it. It’s a two minutes work.

(Jerome) #258

To end the “quiz show” here: No there is currently no chance.
If you make new “Dashboards” they will appear in the drawer on the left.

But you’re not the only one who has thought about this topic.

Quoted from:

I have thought about something like this too already, so i have raised in issue in the corresponding GitHub Repo now. :slight_smile:

(Ryan Houtz) #259

Hi @erickk

Sorry I can’t help with that one. I’m still so new to OpenHAB and Linux I’m just happy to have even got the log viewer working But that would be nice to know anyone else know a way to do that?

(Hallo Ween) #260

Do you configure your habpanel completely from the tablet or can you do this with your computer, too? If i want to use widgets, where i have to change a lot of text, it would be easier on a computer to do that.

(Jerome) #261

You can configure them from computer too of course.
The only thing you may have to do is test on tablet parallel to keep track on dimensions and final look, since tablet is the place where it has to look good and work fine. :slight_smile:

(Hallo Ween) #262

Where can i find the configuration files for habpanel?

(Jerome) #263

I don’t know the exact location and i think this is depending on your ecosystem too.

Anyway you can save your current tablet config to the Server and access/edit it from anywhere you have access to openHAB

For file/config locations there are already several questions/threads existing and i woul dask you to take a search on your own.
You will find useful Discussions here in the community.

(Tom) #264

Mine is here:


Not the sort of thing you’d want to hand-edit, mind you.

(Hallo Ween) #265

I have found this file already, but this is indeed no file for self configuration…

So only way is to export a dashboard configuration inside habpanel to json format and edit it manually, afterwards import it back?

But is this working with server side configs or only with local storage configs?

Also this is no usable way of doing it, to much work for every small changing.

(Jerome) #266

You have to keep in mind that a dashboard json is not equal to a widget json.
(Based an your post above in which you mentioned, widgets you want to edit.)

You can simply open the widget in habpanel on your PC (Settings -> Manage Widgets)
and simply copy/paste changes or the complete widget, you have edited in an editor of your choice on your pc.

But to be honest, when you are already managing widgets on PC, the editor isn’t that bad for small changes.

I think that is big enough for small changes.
Especially, because you can use keyboard and mouse there, it should be way more comfortable than using it on Dashboard.

(Hallo Ween) #267

Oh, you are right. I forgot, that i can see my habpanel on the browser on my pc too.

So i only want to make changes on the widgets, not on the whole habpanel itself.

(pa1) #268

As many others I want to have a floorplan with all actor devices for my home.
I’ve also picked a really cool example https://tympanus.net/Development/Interactive3DMallMap/ and mixed it with Matrix-Theme from member pmpkk (thanks!).

Early phase sceens:

There was a lot of work generalizing the example template, since it was very “manual”. I rewrote it to make heavy use of angluar-js, to get some group based automation in generating and placing the pins and the content.


(E. Gerland) #269

Looks great.
Could you please share your audio control widget ?

(Rick) #270

It looks fantastic! Do you mind sharing your early code so other people couple make use of your example?

That would be really great!

(Benjamin) #271

Thanks to @pmpkk’s work, I was able to modificate his CSS style to my vision (and the requirements of my girlfriend: MORE COLORS :wink: ):

Overview Dashboard:

Living room:

Target temperature popup:

and of course, responsive design:

There’s still a lot more to do, but already awesome thanks to ppmk and @ysc. Especially the feature to poll every 10 secs the spotify and tv status, while being on the Living room view, is pretty cool. :slight_smile: