Examples of HABPanel Solutions

(Jochen Eggler) #376

Hi Chris,
I described that here:

If you have further questions, I suggest we continue there.

(Jeroen) #377



I was trying your widget but the only thing I get is an trashcan. I’ve copied your items and rules. And I’ve imported your widget.
But it wil not display the date’s.
I have a google calendar for trash displaying on a other widget. And changed the calendarname.
Could you help me with this?

(Jochen Eggler) #378

Hi Jeroen,
the widget is checkig the name of the trash date. Maybe you use other names than “Restmuell”, “Biomuell”…
Could you e.g. tell me what’s the value of the item ‘Abfall_1_Art’ at the moment in your system?
The widget was never designed to be “public”, now I see that it would be much better to set these names in the widget config… Maybe I will change that when I have some time. For the moment you have to change these names in the widget code (find + replace)

(Jeroen) #379

Has no value

(Jochen Eggler) #380

OK, then that’s the reason why wou don’t see anything in the widget.
So the question ist, why does it have no value. Do you get an error from the “Abfalltermine sortieren” rule?
This rule should sort the trash dates and post the value to some items, among them “Abfall_1_Art”.

(Jeroen) #381

So I checked my log files and I don’t see any error on the rule. Ik have another item which is from the same calendar and this one works.

(Jochen Eggler) #382

Hi Jeroen,
looks like there’s something wrong in your items definition. As this is a very specific problem in your setup, I suggest to discuss this via PN.

(Greg) #383

I’m new to openHAB, this is what I have so far. Just informational right now, still a work in progress.


(Ole Kristian Lona) #384

Hmm! That was very cool (23-inch touchscreen in the kitchen), and certainly something to think about when remodeling the kitchen!

(Crispin) #385

My current (never-ending) WIP

Home Screen

System Information screen

I keep coming back and tweaking various screens on it as it grows and matures. Need to make some more custom widgets to make it look better.

I use this thread as insperation

(Bruce Varney) #386

What size screen do you have to display this?

(Crispin) #387

It’s on a 10 inch tablet I bought of Amazon for £50. It’s on a hidden wall mount.

(Bruce Varney) #388

I have a couple of old iPad 1 devices, but I can’t seem to find any in-wall mounts for them. Any advice where to look?

(Hallo Ween) #389

What screen resolution does your cheap 10" tablet have?

The screenshot resolution is nearly 4K ???

Did you tweak the resolution or dpi of your tablet?

(Crispin) #390

Velcro, simple. Keeps it flush. I don’t like the mounts. I want them flat.

I used a wireless charger receiver (banggood!) to charge it so no wires visible

(Crispin) #391

Lol. The screenshot is from laptop (sorry!) but looks identical on the tablet. Tab is 1080 x something. Screen spacing and icons look the same.

(Kristof Rado) #392

What binding and widget do you use for calendar? :slight_smile: My HabPanel is in development right now, but the original Caldav-Personal binding works very unreliable for me… it only reports the name of the event and usually won’t update it unless I restart the system…

Ps.: I saw the physical solution of yours… I think it looks really cool. Which Compute Stick do you use? Do you use the pre-installed Windows on it or anything else?


(Hallo Ween) #393

Can you tell me the dpi of your tablet?

I also have a tablet with 10" and full-hd resolution, but habpanel looks completely different on computer and tablet. When i make the panels in the right size and right font size for my tablet, then it will not fit on my computer. Box-size and font-size is not the same, so sometimes font is too small or font is too big for the widgets.

(Crispin) #394

Pretty sure it’s this one. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Anoc-Android-10-1-Tablet-Quad-Core-8GB/183398685814?hash=item2ab369dc76:g:i~YAAOSw7BNbgZnt

Anoc 10.1 tablet

(Crispin) #395

Some in situ pics

My one complaint is speed. It’s not as fast as my Samsung tab but then it is £200 cheaper.

It does what I need it to so its OK