Examples of HABPanel Solutions

(The Squid) #436

Jay -

Here’s a link to the contact I used…

One of the nice features this sensor has is the ability to wire an external reed switch to the sensor…just thinking out loud, I’m wondering if there is a way you could place the sensor in something to keep it warm without hampering the radio signal - allowing you to get use during those cold Chicago winters.

Give me a day or so to get home and I’ll get you my code…pretty simple stuff.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


(Mr. Wiseman) #437

I bought the sensor from Amazon today. Here’s what I did with the garage tilt sensor and it still goes out if the temp is below 20 degrees.

Best, Jay

(Mr. Wiseman) #438

Hey KidSquid,

I’m getting the sensor today and it’s actually going to be 45 here in Chicago so I should be able to mount it. Could you please post your items and rules for this device?

Best, Jay

(Roel) #439

Would you be willing to share your code?

(The Squid) #440


Sorry for the delay on this…I got caught up in the XMAS stuff and other obligations.


Contact Mailbox "The Mailbox Is: [%s]" { channel="zwave:device:xxxxxxx:node30:sensor_door" }
Switch MailboxProxy "Mail is [%s]"


rule "Mail Delivery"
	Item Mailbox changed from CLOSED to OPEN
	say("The Mail Has Been Delivered")
    sendTelegram("xxxxxx", "The Mail Has Been Delivered")

rule "Reset Mailbox Proxy"
    Time cron "0 0 0 1/1 * ? *"or
    Time cron "0 0 10 * * ? *" 

Let me know if you have any questions - again sorry for the slow response.


(Jack) #441

After a long holiday of lurking, here is my progress so far. I’ve found some of your examples ridiculously helpful so thought I would share my efforts. The layout is designed for a Kindle fire HD8 which was just big enough.

(Greg) #442

I’ve been playing around with putting a TV remote and lighting control for the living room on a touchscreen. Right now it’s scaled to my laptop, but I need to resize it for a smaller tablet.

Modal dialog for the lighting control

The code is pulled from various posts I couldn’t of done it without others work, here are the JSONs for the panels.
roku-fav-buttons.widget.json (2.2 KB)
livingroom-lighting.widget.json (6.2 KB)
other-buttons.widget.json (982 Bytes)
volume-buttons.widget.json (1.2 KB)
harmony-entry.widget.json (2.4 KB)
remote-control.widget.json (8.8 KB)

I really like the look! Can you post the JSON for your panels?

(Jack) #443

Nice one, glad you like it!
Here is the JSON and the rules files. Most of my icons have been from flaticon.com, they are all free and download in svg so it’s a great resource.

HabPanel 31-12-18.json (71.7 KB)
Living Room Control.rules.txt (5.2 KB)
Living Room Activites.rules.txt (2.9 KB)
Scene Control.rules.txt (5.8 KB)

(Craig) #444

The music panel is awesome! Would you mind sharing a couple of pointers how what’s done?

Are you using the Spotify binding?


(G) #445


I was using the Spotify binding originally, but as I don’t have a Spotify account anymore I have it linked to a Chromecast audio instead.

If you need help, use my thread: HABPanel RELOADED - Modern THEME / SKIN + Custom Widgets


(Zisis Pontikas) #446

Crispin Great panels! I’m impressed with the water flow meter that you have. Is this a custom solution or did you use a commercial one?

(Crispin) #447

It’s a custom flow meter, esp2866 talking to mqtt :slight_smile:

I’ll get the code up on github soon if you wanted to build it…

(Lucky) #448

Nice. Mines an eLo 27in and driven by a pi.

(Victor) #449

Really awesome HABpanels in this thread. I get so inspired!
Good job everyone!

Couple of months back I got a cheap iPad 3 and was very excited to create my first HABpanel. Although, my automation is doing fine on it’s own but for guests and sometimes my wife, a controlpanel would be nice.

But I’m really not fond of the iPad, as far as my tests goes, getting a camera or a grafana graph to be displayed in HABpanel is not possible?!

So I gave up and didn’t continue creating a HABpanel layout.

Is there another tablet you guys would recommend (not to expensive) that does the job?

(glufonec) #450

I have a small design problem with HABpanel. My design fits well with 1280x800 tablet (full screen) but when I open it on random computer sometimes I get scrollbars as the menu and other window elements do not provide enough free height. Is there a CSS hack so the whole panel will be restricted to the available height? Probably add padding on the left side so it will keep the available space proportional? If i resize the browser window horizontally I get the desired proportions but I do not want to do it manually all the time.

(NB) #451

@dawys looks really great so could you please share your code?

(G) #452

Latest additions, KODI, Netflix remote, and Chromecast remote.

(Ariel Peña) #453

in witch folder are the icon o put the iconset

(Sebastian) #454

Quick question to the HABpanel specialists,
I have a group item

 Group:Contact:AND(CLOSED,OPEN) gWindow
     "Alle Fenster [(%d)]"

That also displays the ammount of open windows in BasicUI

I’d like to display the same in HABpanel. Any idea how to achieve this?
Thanks much

(Lorenzo Giordano) #455

{{itemsInGroup('gWindow') | filter:{state:'OPEN'}).length}}
This is to show the number of OPEN items in gWindow.

if you need the “closed” ones just replace ‘OPEN’ with ‘CLOSED’
if you need all the items remove| filter:{state:‘OPEN’}