Examples of HABPanel Solutions

(Sebastian) #126

I’m also using unsplash for background bit haven’t noticed this behavior yet, but I’m also only using tablets to display Habpanel. Thus I added the size parameter to the URLs im using to best for for my displays. Might be worth giving it a try.

(Yannick Schaus) #127

This was a curious CSS issue, it should be fixed by the commit below.

(Alexander) #128

this overview of calls would be perfect for me, too. can you give me further informations, how you implemented it oder maybe post the script and the template-code here?

(Dennis Dollinger) #129

Hi @e36Alex,

I created a little tutorial showing the needed steps and code for the call overview:

Hope it will help you and some other guys.

(Alexander) #130

very cool, thank you for spending your time on writing this tutorial! i am looking forward to try it out these days! :slight_smile:

(marcel_erkel) #132

Hi Thetmar,

Please edit your message and translate it into English. Even though some of us on this forum (including myself) can read Dutch, the majority can’t.

Thanks in advance.

(Thetmar) #133

Hello Marcel,

I thought that i send the message personal to Bruno. So please take it not to personal. After i post the massage i saw that it was open in the forum. I delete the post. :wink:

(marcel_erkel) #134

No worries. I’m not a moderator on this forum :slight_smile:

I don’t have any security camera, but there are a number of people on the forum that do have them and they seem to have been able to incorporate them in HABPanel and other OpenHAB GUIs.

If you post your question in a separate topic, then I’m sure people will be able to help you out.

(Craig) #136

Hello @Heiko_Fanieng,

Would you mind sharing your music player setup in this panel? E.g. which binding you use and how you get the album art to display.Also, have you managed to add controls?

Many thanks in advance,


(Craig) #137

Hi @mikyh

i’m trying to set up a small test for the video functionality that you have. I have IP Camera installed on my Android and I’ve added a template widget and copied your HTML code but it fails to return the video.

Mine looks like this…

<a href="/habpanel/index.html#/view/Street"><img src ="" height="200" width="300" ></img></a>

Is there something I’m missing? Is the template widget the correct one to use here?



(Craig) #138

It’s working. The following is the html:

<a href=""><img src ="" height="200" width="300" ></img></a>

Next is to set up a new panel and call the panel showing the full size video including a link back to the calling panel. I’ll post here when it’s working

(AV Home Auto) #139

Some advances from my panel :

(Andrew Pawelski) #140

On the the topic of security cameras, I had a working solution where when a motion sensor detected movement, it set a variable to drive Habpanel to change to the camera’s panel and show the motion jpeg. I wrapped this in a timer that allowed for say 30 seconds of viewing without worrying about the motion in the room (which usually there is continuous - its my kids play room) - problem came that the whole browser (IPad Safari) crashed sometimes. Could possibly be due to bad coding of the rule and timers but I wouldnt have thought this would have anything to do with habpanel directly? Is anyone else doing something similar that can share their rule?

(Harm Reck) #141

Still very much a work in process but i thought i’d share it anyways:

(SiLeX) #142

This is the main dashboard containing some buttons, a clock, a time line and some custom templates. The top right template is a uib-carousel showing auto-refreshing webcam images and cycling every 7 seconds.

Main goal for decreasing clutter and increasing WAF is to reduce words and keep using colorful buttons with icons instead :smiley:

Hitting the red leaving-home button brings you to the Status page, displaying the device states. Here you can watch all devices gracefully shut down. When the power meter hits that 20 watts limit (or below) the whole room will be switched powerless, effectively killing standby power usage and enables the external security system. There is also an emrgency-off button if something got stuck or whatever. After the shutdown sequence completed, you will be brought back to the main Dashboard from above.

The different users here get up at different times in the morning, so everyone has his/her own morning dashboard, containing relevant information only for the commute to work. The Panels are switched automatically from rules in openhab. This is one of the morning dashboards, slightly anonymized:

There are also again the buttons for leaving and arming and for controlling the maximum allowed brightness of the lamps, to now wake the other people when getting up early.

(Andrew Pawelski) #143

@gersilex Im having trouble getting a google map showing on a frame widget - copying and pasting from a PC browser windows doesnt seem to be what I need. Any ideas?

(Marvyn Zalewski) #144

Hey @Andrew_Pawelski you need to enable the google api (https://developers.google.com/maps/?hl=de).

Kind regards,

(SiLeX) #145

What @hExPY said. So you have to register for the API key and then you are able to build a link at https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/embed/guide?#modus_directions

(Patrick) #146

Here are a few examples of my HabPanel setup, including integration with two car APIs:

(Thetmar) #147

Awsome!!! Cool logo’s… Can you tell me where you get them?