Examples of wall-mounted tablets - charging options

I’m curious to see what others have done with charging solutions for wall-mounted tablets.
Personally I hate wires and don’t want to see them.

I’ve used a number of these


Mostly because you cannot see them when plugged in. They’re very discrete.

and the power the the charger is brought up through the wall. The tablet is then velcro’d onto the wall.
Finished Item:

and when removed:

My biggest issue with this is power. The tablet, when on full-bright draws more than 1A. The wireless charger can only muster 1A.

I have it dim when there is no motion or activity but when the house is busy it does not get much of a chance to dim so eventually flattens the battery.

What have others done to solve the power problems?



I use a Teclast P10

It supports charging via a DC jack and USB. I opened up the case and fed two small wires into it and soldered them onto the relevant pads. The wires then have a small connector to a powersupply in the wall.
Some photos: An old tablet and the Teclast…

This tablet run 24x7 using Imperihome as the UI. I have an app “Target Home Launcher” which allows me to set Imperihome as the Android Launcher.

Works great and battery always at 100%

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I’ve not actually thought of doing that. Could be done with the tablet I have.

I’ve done something very similar to this. I’ve added the wireless charging coil on the inside of the Samsung Tab A10 and soldered the coil wires directly to the usb port on the inside. So from the outside the device looks unchanged. On the wall i mounted the wireless charger with 3 coils, bought from AliExpress.

At first I wanted to mount the tablet using strong natural magnets on the inside of the carging device and metal plates on the tablet, but this didnt work too well, so now new idea is to create a 3d printed cradle that will latch onto charging device in either horizontal or vertical orientation. I can maybe post some pictures soon.

I have around 12 tablets around the house, many Lenovo Tab3/4 7" and 10", a few Huawei, and a Samsung (still under tests).
I remove their batteries, but I still keep the small battery pcb for the thermistor and id pins, add an Arduino ProMini to power them on after a power loss, add some wires for power. Most of them don’t have the back anymore, I want them to be as slim as possible, under 9mm.
The frames are lasercut from 3x3mm transparent acrylic and a laserable stainless steel looking plastic (Innoplastics LaserPlus)


Hi. Here is my setup and charging option. Tablet frame was made from wooden foot ledge and it hides all the wires and charger.

The in-wall-charger is “Traco Power” 5V, 1A.


That looks very tidy.

I disassembled a USB-c wireless charging receiver and only used the small USB connector.
I placed a normal in-wall USB charger and mounted the tablet with velcro.


I also have using the connectors now from disassembled wireless chargers. Wireless does not work and with trying to keep the the tablet charged.

I did something very similar, but I’ve removed both coils and connected pads on charger and receiver by wire, which is hidden in the wall.

That said has got more stability (wireless is quite often interupted) and as well more stable power.

Now I’m thinking more about using that flat connector as extender for normal cable which will be powered by standard usb charger as I dont really trust in terms of reliability of those wireles boards … :slight_smile:

The tablet is flush in the wall. I then put a picture frame through the table saw to make it the right thickness. I used a recessed wall plug behind the tablet.


forgot to link this and this :wink:


Hi all,

I tried a solution with an Amazon Fire Tablet 10 and FKB integration. I used a wireless charger with a sonoff switch to automatically charge the tablet or disconnect it. The magnet is strong enough to hold the tablet in place and I experienced no issues.

Although this solution is not very energy friendly as much energy is lost in heat. I found that the tablet consumes quite a lot of power even though FKB switched off the screen and the tablet was in “standby”. I had cycles of 8 hours powered by battery which I found way too few, without switching on the screen. Maybe someone is interested in my wood work, see pitcures below :wink:


Hi. Can you please explain how did you find which cable is + and - from the wireless usb? I also try to do the same but I am not sure for the polarity.

Hi Nikos,

Mine had some information on the connector.

Maybe you can check if one of the 2 wires is connected to the outside of the connector?
Usually that is the - pole.

Best / safest way is to measure it… Remember, these things work on smoke. Once the smoke escapes because you did something silly, they don’t work any more :cry:

A bit late to the party but that does look really nice. I like the wood ideal :slight_smile:

I measure it with my multimeter and I found it. Thanks for the respond .everything working perfect.

Could you describe your power setup. I’m trying to remove the batteries from a fire tablet 10 but it buggy so far.