Exec Q ,CMD commands for Play ,Pause ,next song

Hi, can anyone tell me a good way to automate the media player on my pc?

I am not able to find any CMD command for that
allot of third-party apps that I don’t want to use

or VBS scripts also that I don’t want to use

if anyone knows a way that I can use exec?
or something like that

Which Player Software do you have?

i use spotify … but if you can give somthing also for VLC it will be great!

OK, sorry for the late anser.
For spotify, you should think about:

I couldn’t find a command line of vlc in https://wiki.videolan.org/VLC_command-line_help/ for your question.


pauses the playback for a certain time. But afaik there is not direct play/pause command.
But maybe this is something for you:

wow thank you !

i was aimaing for much simpler approch like to control media buttens like the keyboard ones
but i will sure give it a look

if you know of a way to send keys to the computer please tell me