Expire Binding - Not Expiring

I understand that the expire timer resets each time an item is updated. I have been having a problem with a outlet item in a power strip thing that is not expiring. It seems that everything works fine with expire intervals under 30-minutes.

Here is how my outlet is set up in the items file. I included the energy and power items because I’m wondering if they are the cause of my problem.

Switch FF_Power_Strip_Outlet_2 "Fish Bubbles" <poweroutlet_us> (FF_DiningRoom, gOutlet) {channel="zwave:device:ZWave:node27:switch_binary2", alexa="Outlet", expire="30m,command=OFF"}
Number FF_Power_Strip_Outlet_2_Energy "Power Strip Switched Outlet 2 Energy [%.1f kWh]" <energy> (gPower) {channel="zwave:device:ZWave:node27:meter_kwh4"}
Number FF_Power_Strip_Outlet_2_Power "Power Strip Switched Outlet 2 Power [%.1f W]" <energy> (gPower) {channel="zwave:device:ZWave:node27:meter_watts4"}

Here is my logs filtered to Power_Strip_Outlet_2

2020-12-16 09:21:28.051 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'FF_Power_Strip_Outlet_2' received command ON

2020-12-16 09:21:28.053 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - FF_Power_Strip_Outlet_2 predicted to become ON

2020-12-16 09:21:28.486 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - FF_Power_Strip_Outlet_2_Power changed from 0 to 2.799

2020-12-16 09:21:30.635 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - FF_Power_Strip_Outlet_2_Power changed from 2.799 to 2.636

2020-12-16 09:51:30.840 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - FF_Power_Strip_Outlet_2_Energy changed from 7.846 to 7.848

2020-12-16 09:51:30.913 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - FF_Power_Strip_Outlet_2_Power changed from 2.636 to 2.551

As you can see in the log, the outlet item never receives the expire OFF command but there is an update to another channel for the thing. Do updates to other channels reset the expire timer for all items on that thing?

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I have noticed in your log missing information that FF_Power_Strip_Outlet_2 changed from OFF to ON
maybe this is a clue?
I dont not know zwave binding but If you have an update to another channel check if items are correctly linked to right channels or you might have an item linked to more than 1 channel (by mistake)

events.log does not include Item Updates. But based on the description, it sounds like the Item is being updated once per half hour. It is not unusual for bindings to update Items on a set polling period or periodically if the device reports it’s current state or the like. In fact, many users use this fact to find out when a device has stopped reporting using the Expire binding.

You can create a Rule that triggers when the Item receives an update to confirm (in OH 3 look at the events feed in the developer sidebar filtered on that one Item). If it is receiving the update, you’ll have to move the behavior to a Rule and a Timer.

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