FGDW002 Fibaro Door Window Sensor 2: no data

Hi all,

i use the latest stable Openhab2 on a PI3+. Last month i implemented my first zwave thing. This was a Fibaro Flood Detector. It works fine since yesterday. Yesterday i implemented the Fibaro Door Window Sensor 2. And from this time I do not get any data either from Flood Sensor nor from Door Window Sensor 2. I do not know what’s wrong here.

Unfortunately, I can not upload files as a new user. Here is an excerpt from the logfile.

Could someone help me, please?

Thanks, Rene

Node 2 is awake and the channels are updated:

Same for node 3:

You have a lot of errors in your openhab.log unrelated to zwave: myopenhab cloud, influx, …

Also check your items definitions:

2019-05-12 13:24:24.117 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Validation issues found in configuration model 'zwave.items', using it anyway:
Duplicate ModelItem 'Temperature_Sensor'
Duplicate ModelItem 'Temperature_Sensor'
Duplicate ModelItem 'Tamper_Alarm'
Duplicate ModelItem 'Tamper_Alarm'
Duplicate ModelItem 'Battery_Level'
Duplicate ModelItem 'Battery_Level'

Hi sihui,

thank you for your analyze. I think i found the problem. I found demo.items and so on. It seems that this was the problem. Data for the Door/Window sensors are comming.

Thank you for you support sihui.

KR Rene

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there is something strange. First it seems to work. I see the temperature and Battery Status. But the values do not change. The open and close switch is not working too.

Here the actuall log file:

// Fibaro Flood Sensor Keller
Number Temperature_Sensor_node2 "Temp. Überflutungssensor [%.1f °C]"        <temperature>   (KG, Temperatur)    {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node2:sensor_temperature"}
Switch Tamper_Alarm_node2       "Maniuplationsalarm [%s]"                   <alarm>         (KG)                {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node2:alarm_tamper"}
Switch Flood_Alarm_node2        "Überflutungsalarm [%s]"                    <alarm>         (KG)                {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node2:alarm_flood"}
Number Battery_Level_node2      "Batterieladung [%.0f %%]"                  <battery>       (KG)                {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node2:battery-level"}

// Fibaro Door_Window Sensor Wohnzimmer
Number Temperature_Sensor_node3 "Temp. Tür WZ [%.1f °C]"                    <temperature>   (EG, Temperatur)    {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node3:sensor_temperature"}
Switch Tamper_Alarm_node3       "Maniuplationsalarm [%s]"                   <alarm>         (EG)                {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node3:alarm_tamper"}
Contact Sensor_Door_node3       "Schiebetür [%s]"                           <contact>       (EG)                {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node3:sensor_door"}
Switch Power_Alarm_node3        "Power Alarm [%s]"                          <switch>        (EG)                {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node3:alarm_power"}
Switch Heat_Alarm_node3         "Temperatur Alarm [%s]"                     <switch>        (EG)                {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node3:alarm_heat"}
Number Battery_Level_node3      "Batterieladung [%.0f %%]"                  <battery>       (EG)                {channel="zwave:device:Razberry2:node3:battery-level"}

You still have a lot of errors not related to zwave and duplicate items:

2019-05-12 13:24:23.049 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Validation issues found in configuration model 'zwave.items', using it anyway:
Duplicate ModelItem 'Temperature_Sensor'
Duplicate ModelItem 'Temperature_Sensor'
Duplicate ModelItem 'Tamper_Alarm'
Duplicate ModelItem 'Tamper_Alarm'
Duplicate ModelItem 'Battery_Level'
Duplicate ModelItem 'Battery_Level'

Please fix this first as it makes no sense to debug any values if the are associated with more than one item.
Also make sure you have the correct association group set to your controller. Don’t associate other groups than Lifeline to the controller as this causes trouble.
You may need to clean the cache:

You may need to clear all items via karaf previously tinkering with:

smarthome:items clear
Make a backup first!

Hi sihui,

thank you for you reply.
The duplicate Items problem did i solved after your first post. See the timestamp of the error.
I stopped openhab and cleared the cache. Openhab is now running again.
I also corrected association group Lifeline to Controller. All other groups are empty.

… no data since 2 hours.

I send you a pm.

I cannot see anything obvious wrong …

Do you get any data in your events.log for the zwave items?

You did some config updates through PaperUI. In some installations this could cause errors.
Please install HABmin (recommended for zwave), change a setting and save.

no i dont get any data in event.log

KR Renehtml%23_things

Request nif means initialization has not completed yet, you need to manually wake up your devices.


so Fibaro Flood Sensor ist working. Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 here i see the battery status and temperature. Temperature never change…strange, could not be.
Door open/close is not working. Nothing happen.

Should i completly reset the Sensor?

Any ideas?

KR Rene

Check the temperature config settings:
parameter 50 Interval of temperature measurements
parameter 51 Temperature reports threshold
parameter 52 Interval of temperature reports

sensor_door channel is linked to the correct itemtype?