FHEM to OpenHab - 433CUL & 868MHz & Tradfri Issues

definitely getting somewhere:

17:24:47.825 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - Requesting credit report
17:24:47.867 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - Received raw message from CUL: ? (`is01011011001000001011100010 0 0000010010 is unknown) Use one of A B C e F f G i K L l M N R T t U V W X x
17:24:47.874 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - Requesting credit report
17:24:47.904 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - Received raw message from CUL: 00 534
17:24:47.911 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - credit10ms = 534
17:24:47.936 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - Received raw message from CUL: 00 534
17:24:47.939 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - credit10ms = 534
17:24:51.673 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘Funkstecker1’ received command OFF
17:24:51.686 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Funkstecker1 changed from ON to OFF
17:24:51.695 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - Requesting credit report
17:24:52.571 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - Received raw message from CUL: is01011011001000001011100010F0F0000000010
17:24:52.576 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - Requesting credit report
17:24:52.600 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - Received raw message from CUL: 00 538
17:24:52.602 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - credit10ms = 538
17:24:52.625 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - Received raw message from CUL: 00 539
17:24:52.627 [DEBUG] [port.cul.internal.AbstractCULHandler] - credit10ms = 539

Great news!

I have old steckdose (not real intertechno). I could switch one of those on and off!

Now to making my real intertechno to work.

Thanks a lot, I feel we made major progress!

Do you know hot to declare a real intertechno (not raw mode)?

I guessed it would work with your older pluggs (mine is >25 years old!).

Looking at the log you see what the binding sends to the stick:


The is for interechno-mode send
up to the first F it is your address, however each blank is replaced by an F, and at the end the OFF command is added.
If you would know the exact command needed to be sent directly (for example by screen) we could make that up for the binding.

So, my new intertechno (the one with the 26bit address and self-learning) worked on FHEM and it could switch on and off.

but my older wall-sockets, didn’t work well with fhem. It seems that the on and off command is at the first bit rather than the final.

No, but thee is an updated binding which is made for V3 of the messages (the new intertechno ones). Look in here

Could you help me install it?

I might have gone to the credit limit, so I will have to wait to try again… :frowning:

Read through that thread and the other one ([CUL transport] Fix for issue with CUL transport race condition).
In your case (OH-beginner) I would suggest to continue in here, using the raw mode correctly should produce the same output as you have done in FHEM.

I do not know what is the on and off command for v3.

You have read the (german) page already!
is (Sende Intertechno Kommando) 01010010101011101000000110 (Gerätecode Fernbedienung) 01 (Kommando ON) 0011 (Tastenpaar 4)

Im Gegensatz zum alten Protokoll (Intertechno V1) wird das Binärwort hier nicht mit 0 und F sondern 0 und 1 gesendet.

is (Sende Intertechno Kommando)	01010010101011101000000110 (Gerätecode Fernbedienung)	01 (Kommando ON)	0011 (Tastenpaar 4)
Die culfw unterscheidet anhand der Kommandolänge ob es sich um einen alten (12 Zeichen) oder neuen (32 Zeichen) Intertechno Befehl handelt. Genauso unterscheidet das IT-Modul in FHEM die beiden Formate:

define <name> IT <10-bit-housecode> <off-code> <on-code> [<dimup-code>] [<dimdown-code>]

define <name> IT <26 bit Address> <1 bit group bit> <4 bit unit>
und setzt das Reading protocol auf V3.

As you can see, now mention of off-code or on-code in the 26bit case…

My GUESS for your item definition:

Switch Funkstecker1 “Funkstecker IT Test1” (Test1) { culintertechno=“type=raw;address=01011011001000001011100010;commandOn=010010;commandOff=000010” }

I ommited the address part that started with a space.

so 01 is command ON

Do I have to wait 60min to get the ability to send commands again?
As now in debug it shows the request for credit report, but never shows a reply.

That doesn’t sound normal.
Is this the same when using an old plug?
Is the Stick showing abnormal blinking? I have read of cases when the Stick got stuck which needed a completed system restart.

Yes. I basically flicked too many times (I made 20 or so items to avoid trial and error line by line) and now nothing works.
But basically I think there is a restriction of how many signals you can send per hour.

I will try resetting the stick as you said.

I don’t it is per hour, the credit report you see in the log is about that restriction. IMHO it is per minute, but nevertheless your stick is probably stuck.

Reading the misc section shows that you were correct. What did the log show for credits?

I did as said and it works.

Could you help me make my old steckdose work well please?


Below is actually a “hack” i had from FHEM. Ironically it is how I helped other make this super old thing work on FHEM:

Switch Funkstecker8 “Funkstecker IT Test8”{ culintertechno=“type=raw;address=0F0F0FFFFF;commandOn=FF;commandOff=FO”}

Switch Funkstecker9 “Funkstecker IT Test9”{ culintertechno=“type=raw;address=1F0F0FFFFF;commandOn=FF;commandOff=FO”}

So, in the above case, Funkstecker8 - only turns SwitchA On and Funkstecker9 - only turns SwitchB Off.
It doesn’t matter if it is sending commandOn or CommandOff - Funk8 - always to turn On, Funk9 - always to turn Off.

Using this “RAW” mode, can I make it more logical?


Those settings look odd, the OFF commands are using FO instead of F0(In words F zero).

The address of the second one starts with a 1 although all other non zero are set with F.

What kind of devices are these?
Confirm what is happening in all cases.
Funk8 ON turns switch A ON
Funk8 OFF
Funk9 ON turns switch B OFF
Funk9 OFF

To make it “logical” I’d use only the ON and OFF commands with the address empty.