Fibaro Dimmer 2 and RGBW Z-Wave modules for sale


I’m not sure this is acceptable, so if anyone is upset, I will happily remove / delete this post.

A customer of mine bought a load of Z-Wave hardware before getting in touch with me.

As he has very little time, he has asked me if I can sell on his Z-Wave kit.

So, if anyone is interested, I have

  • 20 x Fibaro Dimmer2 modules European (All boxed) - Sold Jan 16th 2019
  • 15 x Fibaro RGBW Controllers European (14 boxed, 1 loose) - Sold Jan 16th 2019
  • 1 x Fibaro Button (Orange) European (Boxed) - Sold Jan 16th 2019

They are going to get listed on Ebay this evening, but if anyone from this community contacts me directly, I will end the Ebay listing.

There is also

  • NEST thermostat (Stainless Steel) and HeatLink base station - (Boxed) - Sold Jan 2019

  • DoorBird D101S (Boxed) - Sold Jan 2019

  • Small recessable magnetic door / window sensors

  • Various small power out (12v) PIR (Not difficult to adapt to 0v out, using 8080 PNP transistors)

  • PixOut Art-Net controller, with 32 universe license

  • 2 x Velux KLR200 Integra controllers (Unboxed, just loose) - Sold Jan 2019

  • 100+ metres of SPi tape and RGB (ranging from 24V RGBW, 5v 30 pixel, to 5v 144 pixel)

  • Various power supplies, from 5v to 24v

If any of this is of any interest, please send me a PM for more details.

Best wishes,


FYI, I’m based in the UK, but don’t mind posting anywhere.

I don’t have any heart burn with a post like this. I hope you find buyers for everything. Holy cow I wish I had the money to shell out that much up front and then decide it’d take too much time.

I would assume these are all UK/EU devices?

Thanks Rich :smile:

You do pose a fair question, I didn’t thing about that.

Is it the mains voltage or the RF frequency that is the issue?

Power I don’t know, but frequencies depend on where you live for sure:

Frequency in MHz Used in
921.4 ; 919.8 Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia
919.8; 921.4 Brazil
868.40 ; 868.42 ; 869.85 CEPT Countries (Europe and other countries in region), French Guiana
919.8 ; 921.4 Chile, El Salvador, Peru
868.4 China, Singapore, South Africa
919.8 Hong Kong
865.2 India
869 Russia
916 Israel
920 - 925 Taiwan
922 - 926 Japan, Taiwan
920 - 923 Thailand
919 - 923 South Korea
908.4 ; 908.42 ; 916 USA, Canada, Argentina, Guatemala, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, Mexico, Bermuda, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Panama, British Virgin Islands, Suriname, Cayman Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia, Turks & Caicos, Ecuador, Uruguay


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Again, excellent information :slight_smile:

Europe it is then :smile: