Fibaro Dimmer 2, Dimmer rule not working


I run

  • Openhab 2
  • Z-wave binding (Fibaro Dimmer 2)
  • Kodi Binding

I want to make a rule that slowly dims my light’s

The rule below only works with on and off, not with %, ( i.e. 75%, 50% and 25%)

E1Lachter1_Switch” is my dimmer channel

E1Lachter1_Switch.sendCommand(OFF) is working
E1Lachter1_Switch.sendCommand(50) not working
sendCommand(E1Lachter1_Switch, 50) not working
sendCommand(E1Lachter1_Switch, “50”) not working

rule "Adjust living room lighting when Kodi starts/stops"
    Item Kodi_State changed
    var String stateKodi = Kodi_State.state.toString()    
     switch (stateKodi.lowerCase) {
		case "play" : {
		case "pause" : {                     
                     //sendCommand(E1Lachter1_Switch, 50)
        case "stop" : {
                     //sendCommand(E1Lachter1_Switch, 100)

Is E1Lachter1_Switch a Switch or Dimmer in your items file?

For example in my items file I have

    Dimmer  BathroomTLDimmer        "Bathroom Top Light"                                  
    Switch  BathroomTLSwitch        "Bathroom Top Light"

Which are both linked to the Dimmer channel via PaperUI for my Dimmer 2.

In my rules I then use the following commands.



Below my auto detected thing in Paper UI
The Dimmer channel (according to the description) is for brightness control and can accept on/off commands

When I use E1Lachter1_Dimmer.sendCommand(50) it works!

Strange, if my channel name (or need I say linked item name) is not ending with dimmer I can not dim and if it’s not ending with switch I can not use on of ???

Thank you for insight Tom

I see that stop command in Kodi binding is a separate channel/item.

So I think I need to make a separate rule for that
I have to figure out if the kodi stop channel has a state (int or string) i can check for

This is correct behaviour I believe as they are different item types…

If you wanted to switch using a dimmer you could send 0 for OFF.