Fibaro door sensor status on Openhab restart

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I have come across an issue where it seems to me that I cannot get the status of a Fibaro door sensor 2 FGDW-002 until the status changes.

I have a few Fibaro door sensors and they work just fine, reporting opening and closing of doors and battery status except that if, for some reason, I restart Openhab, I do not have an up to date status until the sensor next reports a change of state.

I’m slightly surpised that it doesn’t report its current status every time it wakes up, which I have the devices set to do every six hours but it seems they don’t.

Does anyone know if I am missing something? Is there a way to receive the current status periodically?

If Openhab needs to restart I’d rather not have to wait until I have opened or closed every single door and window to have an up to date picture of the house. Some of my sensors are attached to outbuildings and the doors may not change state from one week to the next. The point of the sensors is not to detect openings and closings, but to be able to report the current status without having to go and look.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received

Unless you have some sort of persistence enabled, openHAB does not know any status information from before the restart.

Hi Bruce

Yes I get that - and of course if Openhab has been off for a while there would be no guarantee that the persisted state would be the same as the current status.

I also appreciate that the sensor is a battery poweed unit so it’s sleeping most of the time and won’t respond to a request for a current status.

But I thought given that it does wake up from time to time, it might take the opportunity to report its current state. Enocean door sensors do. They report their current status every 20-30 minutes. The Fibaro doesn’t seem to - or perhaps I’m missing a setting that can persuade it, when it checks in every six hours for any configuration changes from the controller, just to let the controller know what’s happening, without me having to go outside and open a door and close it again just to stop the current status showing as NULL.

As I said, some of these doors don’t change for several days.

This doesn’t really answer your question about the sensors themselves, but if that can’t be fixed then you could look into persistence, which can retrieve the last known status on openHAB restart.

If a different setting does not help you may send a refresh command to your item:

Actually, if you send the command RefreshType.REFRESH to an item, the ZWave binding will request the current value from the device.

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Unfortunately it’s not possible to poll the device state for most of these sensors. Most of these devices use the notification command class, and most of these do not support polling - they just report their state when an event occurs.

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Thanks Chris

No I wasn’t expecting it to respond to polling. I just wondered if anyone knew a way to get the device to send an update of its status when it wakes up to check in with the controller.

At the moment if I have to restart Openhab for whatever reason, my sensors will not be showing the correct status until I have opened or closed each and every door or window with a sensor attached. And as I said above, some of these doors / windows are remote and are not used often, hence the need for sensors.

I am working towards a system that can do a check around the house for obscure windows or doors in outbuildings that might have been left open before I go to bed. That won’t work if the Item might be reporting NULL because there hasn’t been a change since a restart.

It would be nice if the sensor would report its status when it wakes up and talks to the controller. If it does that every six hours then at least the longest I’ll have to wait to have an up to date system is six hours. At the moment it might be a week or more before I go out to the barn.

As I said, Enocean does this. I just wondered if I’m missing something and someone has managed to get the Fibaros to do it over Z-wave or whether it’s something I will have to live without.

That is why some people set up persistence to remember the last state even through restarts.

I have some D-Link DCH-Z110 in use as door sensors and they do report their status from time to time. In combination with a persistence strategy and (normally) short downtimes and minimal changes of states of things during these downtimes this works well for me.
In your case it might be a matter of configuration settings (maybe a combination of parameters). Maybe a very long period of time for wakeups (good for battery saving, but not so good for your scenario) or a missing setting for reports to a certain association group?